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Never Show Property Alone With Agents Armor Real Estate Mobile App

January 14 2013

This post comes to us from the Showing Suite blog:

ss agents armorWhen showing homes and hosting an open house, safety has always been a serious concern among real estate agents. Fatal injuries among real estate professionals while working on the job reached their highest level in 2010.

Aside from injuries, agents often must meet with strangers alone in vacant houses and show properties in all types of neighborhoods. This raises risk for criminals to pose as buyers to lure unsuspecting agents onto a property to potentially commit robbery, assault, rape – and even murder.

With safety being such an important issue in recent year, a new real estate mobile app has been recently developed to help agents safely protect themselves. Agents ArmorAgents Armor provides agents with peace of mind while on the job.

How Does it Work?

The Agents Armor real estate mobile app has a number of features available that are specific to the activities that a real estate professional engages in every day. Click through to the next page for three of the key features.

1. Check-in Times

Set specific times to check in to the app as you are showing a property or working an open house. This can be set as often as every 15 minutes up to every 2 hours.

2. One-Touch 911

The 911 dialing button appears on several of the main screens within the app, allowing you to quickly reach 911 in case of an emergency. In order to reach 911, the button must be double-tapped to avoid accidentally dialing 911. Once 911 is activated, Agents Armor not only automatically dials 911, but alerts your contacts that you have activated your 911 emergency button and provides your location.

3. Agent Locator

In the event of a failed check-in or emergency situation, the Agent Locator is the built-in GPS technology that allows Agents Armor to determine your location to be sent to your contacts. Agents Armor provides you with the option of turning this capability on or off, but it is highly recommended that you exercise the option to allow Agents Armor to track and send you GPS coordinates to your selected contacts, law enforcement, or your Brokerage.

Agents Armor is available on iTunes for your iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information about pricing and availability, please visit the Brokerage pageBrokerage page.

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To view the original article, visit the Showing Suite blogShowing Suite blog.