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Organize Who You Follow on Twitter [Video]

December 10 2012

Organize who you follow on Twitter! You are more than likely using Twitter for your business as a means of keeping up with real time information and connecting. Whether it be clients, mentors, professional organizations, industry related contacts and even your favourite celebrities, your "following" list on Twitter has the potential to grow rather quickly. Following many people means you are receiving many updates in your Twitter feed. Are you finding it hard to keep up with everyone? Worried you are missing important updates or relevant information? There's a simple solution to help organize the "noise" – Twitter Lists!

Twitter lists are a powerful feature that will help you organize who you follow. Lists allow you to group the people you follow so you can easily and quickly view their updates without having to excessively scroll.

Twitter allows you to have a maximum of 20 lists, with up to 500 contacts on each list. Some examples of lists you might create to organize who you are following:

  • Valued Clients
  • Real Estate News
  • Social Media Experts
  • GetLWolf Recommendations
  • People who inspire me

To add or remove people from your lists:

1. Click the drop down menu on a user's profile.

lwolf twitter organize

2. Select Add or remove from lists. (You don't need to be following a user to add them to your list.)

3. A pop-up will appear displaying your created lists. Check the lists you would like to add the user to, or uncheck the lists you'd like to remove the user from.

lwolf twitter organize2

4. To check to see if the user you wanted to add was successfully included in that list, navigate to the Lists tab on your profile page. Click the desired list, and then click Members. The person will appear in the list of members.

When using lists you have the option to make your lists private or public. If your list is public, other Twitter users can follow it. Having certain lists public may make some users more apt to check out your profile and follow you back. With private lists, remember to keep in mind that it is only the list compilation that is private – not your communications with the list members.

Once your lists are created, all you have to do is click on the list and it will show you the tweets of only the members within that list! Twitter Lists are a simple and fast way to view groups of tweets from the people you want to interact with at that moment. While you can easily respond to tweets, retweet and favourite from within your lists, remember that you do not have the capability to mass message individuals.

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