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Holiday Deals: Free Relationship Management eBook from Contactually

December 03 2012

Our search for holiday deals and giveaways continues!

contactually logoFor our second edition of Holiday Deals (see our first here), we're highlighting a free eBook from our friends at Contactually. Contactually is gifting the eBook to all interested real estate professionals this season, showing agents and brokers how nurturing relationships can create business opportunities.

In Relationship Management for REALTORS®, you'll learn how to increase your relevance and stay top-of-mind with prospects in order to earn more referrals and sell more homes. According to the 2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 74 percent of your clients will give you a referral if you stay in touch, making referrals from past clients a top source of business.

The eBook teaches REALTORS® the importance of managing their relationships with their current and past clients. By using these tips, REALTORS® can stay top-of-mind with prospects without having to invest large amounts of time. These lessons will help agents earn referrals and repeat customers, which greatly increases business opportunities, revenue and overall happiness.

Click through to the next page to learn more about and download the book.

After downloading Contactually's Relationship Management eBook for real estate agents, you will learn:

  • The basics of relationship management and what processes it entails
  • How to strengthen relationships with prospects
  • The importance of following up
  • How to effectively categorize the prospects in your contact list
  • What to say when following up, and when to say it

contactually ebook coverThe eBook is straightforward and easy to read. We particularly liked how Contactually provided concrete, useful details instead of vague summaries. For example, instead of writing broadly about where prospects come from, the eBook lists out exactly who agents should look to as a source of referrals (friends, family, past clients, other agents, and more).

The book also provides a helpful guide to classify contacts (active prospects, VIP contacts, basic contacts, industry contacts, media contacts, etc.). Organizing your contacts is the first step to creating a plan for nurturing these relationships. Contactually then provides a timetable for reaching out to and engaging these contacts based on how you have classified them, ranging from three to 90 day intervals.

For more great tips, download Relationship Management for REALTORS®.download Relationship Management for REALTORS®.