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Understanding Facebook Insights

December 03 2012

Utilizing Facebook Insights to better determine why certain posts are more popular is as easy as 1-2-3.

dps facebook insights1. The most valuable data offered from Insights is the 'Engaged User' section. When checking this, look at similarities between posts. Similarities may include questions you have asked, calls to action you used, length of posts, or simply the inclusion of videos.

2. Another thing you want to keep track of is the amount of visitors or traffic you are generating from your business page. To learn Web traffic sources, click on 'Reach,' and locate 'external referrers.' This section is a tally of users coming from the listed sites. Search engines and your Website should be most prominent. If you come across low referral traffic in general, try filling out all of your social media profiles, including Google Places and other Google properties.

3. Perhaps the most important component in Facebook Insights is paying close attention to the 'Talking About This' section. This tab indicates how many people are engaged in conversation about your page or products. Activity takes many forms: tagging, liking, commenting, or sharing posts. A good amount of engagement for new pages is 5% from week to week, but the average will be lower, at or around 2%, so don't get discouraged right off the bat.

Details displayed in the 'Talking About This' section monitor the change on a weekly basis. In addition, you can check out the demographic section, or even view the 'Viral Reach' section.

The 'Viral Reach' is the measurement of how many unique people have seen your story. Examples include posts, likes, comments, and shares from others. As more people discuss your story, it reaches more feeds, broadening the audience for your message.

dps facebook insights 2Simply asking users to share a story with friends or comment and like a post can boost your 'Talking About This' tally.

The key to being found is putting an emphasis on keyword-rich content. Make sure the 'About Me' and 'Information' sections contain keyword-rich content and include phrases closely related to the niche or audience that you are trying to reach. Another great tip for recruiting brokerages is to drive traffic to your Facebook page via webinars to explain the value proposition of your brokerage. Agents and brokers can drive traffic via guest blog posts.

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