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Social Media Campaigns – Don't Lose Focus

November 28 2012

marketleader lose focusThe easiest way to lose focus is to start off with a vague idea of what social media can do for your real estate business. Sure, every other agent and broker has a Facebook page, Twitter account or blog, but you shouldn't promote your brand through social media just because it's what the Jones are doing down the street.

What Social Media Can Accomplish

It's important to understand the many benefits associated with social media campaigns. According to Neal Cabage, the managing director of, "Social media is mostly a 'high funnel' channel, meaning that you are using it to make introductions to your brand and nurture those leads, so that you are top of mind when they are ready to buy or sell real estate in the future. Social media rarely results in near term closing or sales conversion but it is frequently a 'first touch' or assisting touch point in a longer term marketing campaign." Everything you do in your social media campaign must support your brand. If you are an expert in commercial real estate, it does little good posting blogs about residential properties. Define who you are through your social media campaign.

How to Define Yourself

You don't need to spend a lot of money hiring a graphic designer to create an ultra hip website or flashy business cards. According to Dominic Morrocco, co-founder of M Squared Real Estate, "Many agents think of their brand as a shiny logo or unique color scheme. When actually, it's the specific knowledge they possess. From originating new content regarding current changes in the market, new legislative initiatives and local happenings, agents brand themselves as knowledgeable professionals, active in the communities they serve." Just like your top listings, you should sell yourself with the same amount of enthusiasm.

To create your own unique brand, think about these five things:

  • Why are your services valuable to clients?
  • What do you have to offer that is different than other real estate agents or brokers?
  • Come up with a brand that is difficult for others to imitate.
  • Create a punchy tagline that will help people remember you. For example, Nike's "Just do it" campaign won them worldwide recognition.
  • What are you passionate about?

Being Passionate = Staying Focused

Being passionate about any topic will help prevent social media burnout or general lack of focus. "To do content and social marketing effectively, you need to become the thought leader on a given topic and that's going to mean following the latest news and researching the topic more deeply so you can speak to it authoritatively. Approach this as an overall effort to brand yourself, don't just do it for social marketing. This is not only going to be what separates your brand from others, it will be perceived as more authentic if it is your consistent brand," says Neal Cabage. If you love reporting about different restaurant openings, cultural events or community festivals in your area, write blog postings about these topics. Those who care about interior design can connect to their target market by writing about home renovation or how to add value to property. Becoming a leading authority on something specific will contribute value to your brand.

Creating a Social Media Schedule

If you wait around until you feel inspired to write a blog or a post on Facebook, you won't establish a consistent schedule. Inconsistency is not the hallmark of a successful business or social marketing campaign. "Spend an hour a day either originating new content, or curating existing content that you deem relevant. Whip out a calendar and mark some days of the week off. Here's a good schedule for you: 1) Monday: best deals under $500,000. 2) Tuesday: Backyard entertaining: best deals with great outdoor space. 3) Wednesday: mid-week roundup: properties on the move, etc.," says Dominic Morrocco. If you are using Twitter as part of your social marketing campaign, post more often than you would for a blog or Facebook. People don't read all of their Twitter posts. You don't have to always come up with a new subject or topic for your "tweets." In fact, questions such as, "Are you ready for this weekend's big storm?" can establish a connection to your target market and elicit responses that will keep people engaged. Your next post can share a list of open houses that people can check out to get out of the rain.

Things to Remember

If you aren't interested in your social media campaign, it probably isn't interesting to anyone else. Come up with creative ideas to promote your brand. Treating social media as a fun challenge will help you stay focused and breathe life into your marketing strategies.

Do you use social media campaigns to promote your real estate business? What strategies have worked for you?

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