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5 Ways to Increase Your Drip Email Open Rate

November 26 2012

reachfactor drip emailsLead nurturing is an important element in closing more deals from your leads. If you understand the value in lead nurturing and drip marketing, then you probably also know the power of email subject lines. Would you like to increase your open rate? Thought so!

These five ideas can really maximize your drip marketing efforts and help you turn more clicks into closings!

1. Monitor your Inbox

One of the best places to find inspiration and see first hand what works is to look at your own inbox. Check your personal and work emails. More than likely you're marketed to nearly every day.

Pay attention when you're checking your inbox to what emails you open and why. You can save a lot of time by learning from others. Many of the companies sending you marketing emails have already tested their own subject lines and you can learn from their research.

You'll notice similarities in the emails you open. There are some time tested methods that are proven to increase email open rates. The trick is to train your mind to take notice of the emails you're personally opening and why. I've found a few genius ideas by doing this!

2. Who's it From?

It's no secret that people open emails from trusted sources. Email spam, viruses, etc. have subconsciously trained us to only open emails from those we trust.

As a sales professional, you know the importance of building relationships. Lead nurturing is a good opportunity to start the beginning stages of building these vital relationships. One way to do this is to identify yourself in your email subject lines and the From field. Don't try to hide who you are!

3. Four U's

Copyblogger does an excellent job going into detail on writing great headlines. One of the fundamentals they focus on is the Four 'U' Approach to headline writingFour 'U' Approach to headline writing. You should definitely keep this in mind when writing subject lines for your drip emails.

Useful, Ultra-specific, Unique and Urgent. You want your subject line to quickly tell the reader that your email has value and provide a sense of urgency for opening. This alone can make a big difference in your response rate and help you stand out in a crowded inbox.

4. Short and Sweet

Keep your subject lines short and sweet. Take your ideas and find ways to deliver the same message shorter. Concise and to the point subject lines are powerful.

Want some inspiration? Look no further than CosmopolitanCosmopolitan! Crazy I know, but they've mastered headline writing. Learn some of the tricks they use to quickly grab attention. Many of their headlines can be used for anything, you just have to swap out a couple words.

5. Always be Testing

These are all great tips, but don't try them and stop there. Constant testing will show improvement! BoomTown provides industry leading tools to help you test and fine tune your drip marketing emails.

Following these tips will undoubtedly increase your email open rates. The main takeaway from all this is to make it an ongoing task. Try these ideas, test and tweak, rinse and repeat. Being smart with your drip marketing and it will set you apart from the rookies and help you convert more leads!

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