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Using Pinterest for Real Estate

November 25 2012

reachfactor pinterest bizIf you're a real estate agent who also happens to be a Pinterest addict, today is your lucky day. The company, which had previously denied the usage of its site to businesses, now opens its doors to them and offers new business-friendly tools and widgets. Where there had once been a single Terms of Service, there is now one for personal use and one for business use.

"The business terms help guide businesses on how to use Pinterest," said Cat Lee, the company's product manager. "They also enable us to separate the provisions meant for businesses from those meant for regular people. As a result, we updated our user terms to be half as long. We also took the opportunity to simplify the language as much as possible. Unfortunately, terms of use are one of those documents that requires a certain amount of legalese, so we've offered 'translations' of these sections, too."

So, where do you begin? If you're new to Pinterest, you can sign up for a business account here. If you already use the site, you can convert your existing account to a business account at the same link.

Now...the transition. If you've used Pinterest before to tag and post photos of watches, cupcakes and trees, how do you make the switch to a storefront type of format where you're promoting your real estate business, listings and so on? Here are a few pointers and tools:

Pin It Buttons: Add buttons to photos on your listing pages so people can "Pin" things from your website.

Follow Buttons: This addition to your website or Facebook page allows clients to "follow" your Pinterest posts.

Board Widgets: People can follow entire boards you post to, which could include "New listings," "Homes I like," etc.

Logos and Branding: You can use the Pinterest logo in your own branding, if you'd like.

Above all, Pinterest is another social marketing tool to promote your brand and listings. Being exclusively visual, it capitalizes on the hot trends on the web at this very moment, which find that words are giving way to images. And images are a major part of your real estate marketing.

How are you using Pinterest for your business? Let us know in the comments section!

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