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Highlights from NAR Annual in Orlando

November 12 2012

nar annual twitterToday marked the final day of the NAR Annual conference in Orlando. Attendees left with new connections, new ideas, and tons of inspiration to push them to new heights in 2013.

We followed the conference on social media--the perfect medium for such a tech-oriented event! We saw lots of Instagram photos (like Chris Nichols' pic of NAR Presidentpic of NAR President Moe Veissi), iPad giveaways, educational sessions on digital marketing, and so much more. We were especially impressed by fantastic site full of up-to-date conference happenings!

For those of you who couldn't make the conference--and for those who did, but couldn't possibly attend every session--we've compiled a list of Twitter updates from the conference. Each one is a bite-size nugget of great information.

Real Estate Trends @RETrendsReal Estate Trends @RETrends - ECONOMIC TRENDS: Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, on His 2013 Forecast2013 Forecast (video) @NAR_Research #NARAnnual

Rod Alderink @NAIwmRodRod Alderink @NAIwmRod - "You can't sow the seeds of mediocre patterns and expect extraordinary results" NAR Convention #cre #NarAnnual #naiwwm

Chris Nichols @utahREproChris Nichols @utahREpro - Your attention span used to be 20 minutes. Addictive nature of web browsing has shortened that to 9 seconds, like a goldfish! #narannual

Dana Kunz @dana_kunzDana Kunz @dana_kunz - Bingo! "Innovation means being contemporary in your thinking." @sherrychris #NARAnnual @Mktlaunch #fb

Kristen Short @kristen_e_shortKristen Short @kristen_e_short - McGraw Hill research estimates that green certified homes will reflect 25% of new construction in 2014. --Michelle Desiderio #narannual

Amy Chorew @amychorewAmy Chorew @amychorew - Innovation is mobile enabled websites and training available on tablets! #narannual @sherrychris #rismedia

Kate Koplinka @kkoplinkaKate Koplinka @kkoplinka - NAR estimates the Average family moves 5-7 times in their lives. #NARAnnual

Brian Copeland @NashvilleBrianBrian Copeland @NashvilleBrian - Uh. Wow. Since the Hurricane, the REALTOR Relief Fund has raised $1.3M from the REALTOR family. #narannual

REALTOR® Magazine @realtormagREALTOR® Magazine @realtormag - @FannieMae CEO: "This system should not be too big to fail, but it should be big enough to matter." #NARAnnual

REALTOR® Magazine @realtormagREALTOR® Magazine @realtormag - Hey #commercial #realestate pros! Here's a must-read from #NARAnnual on market trends, & the future of the industry:

AllThingsBHGRE @AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE @AllThingsBHGRE - 92% of gen x/y buyers r willing to alter lifestyle to save for a home by taking less vacations or living w parents ~ @sherrychris #narannual

Laurie Weston Davis @lauriewdavisLaurie Weston Davis @lauriewdavis - "If you let data run wild and free it will get sold back to you"#narannual #RPR

AllThingsBHGRE @AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE @AllThingsBHGRE - Today's consumer is informed. They r tech savvy & learning about who you are before they ever meet you face to face @sherrychris#narannual

Chris Nichols @utahREproChris Nichols @utahREpro - Slide deck from #narannual Economic Issues & Residential Real Estate Business Trends Forum

HomesPro @HomesProHomesPro @HomesPro - 64% of mobile time is spent on apps & 61% of users abandon a site if it isn't mobile friendly~ Technology Session #NARannual

Jason Pantana @JasonPantanaJason Pantana @JasonPantana - "Those who do not create the future they want must endure the future they get." ~Draper L. Kaufman, Jr. #rethinkfuture #narannual

tessahultz @tessahultztessahultz @tessahultz - 'We have to have more loyalty to the future, than we have to the past' - Elizabeth Mendenhall #narannual #fb

Crystal Henderson @CrystellaHCrystal Henderson @CrystellaH - Video is informational and emotional. #narannual

ericacampbell @ericacampbellericacampbell @ericacampbell - 72% of consumers go on YouTube to look at community videos. Provide useful content at the neighborhood level. ~ via Google #NARannual

juliebeall @juliebealljuliebeall @juliebeall - Blogging increases traffic; blogging 15x times a month generates 3x the traffic @nik_nik #narannual

Crystal Henderson @CrystellaHCrystal Henderson @CrystellaH - Companies that blog only 1-2 times per month generate 70% more leads than those that do not blog at all. #narannual

nobuhata @nobuhatanobuhata @nobuhata - The first woman member of NAR was inducted in 1910. In 2001 56% of members were women, now it's 60%. #wow #narannual

Taryn Pisaneschi @TarynPTaryn Pisaneschi @TarynP - Is your G+ set up? @stevepacinelli points out it's the only thing on google you can truly control. Update your bio! #narannual

Marianne Bornhoft @spokanehouseMarianne Bornhoft @spokanehouse - Making a difference in other peoples lives can help make a difference in your life #leadfromwithin #leadership” #narannual

ericacampbell @ericacampbellericacampbell @ericacampbell - Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Chrome, Google Sites = Must Haves

ericacampbell @ericacampbellericacampbell @ericacampbell - Use the Google Trends tool to see keyword query growth over time. Understand your customers. #NARannual #RealEstate

Jason Marquis @jmarquisrealtorJason Marquis @jmarquisrealtor - To accomplish miracles, the vision of a positive outcome must be bigger than the mental obstacles holding you back! #NARAnnual

pamela_kabati @pamela_kabatipamela_kabati @pamela_kabati - "Task saturation is the silent killer" for high-performance individuals and teams, says Afterburner CEO Murph. #narannual General Session.

Michelle Holt @MichelleH0ltMichelle Holt @MichelleH0lt - People don't buy websites, they buy web experiences. @krisstinawise #NARANNUAL

Michelle Holt @MichelleH0ltMichelle Holt @MichelleH0lt - Mobile search = 70% result in action within 1 hour. Desktop [email protected] #NARANNUAL @wheretolive - #narannual quote: "Listing search sites are dead. People just go to Google." Where they find thriving, SEO-friendly listing search sites.

wfroehlich @wfroehlichwfroehlich @wfroehlich - Think content. Think local. Think media. Use website as hub. Gr8 session #narannual @nobuhata @marki_lemons

katesax @katesaxkatesax @katesax - Real action is local. Watch out who sneezes in the neighborhood, if one forecloses, it may spread. #narannual

Philip B.W. Becker @REALTORinSaTxPhilip B.W. Becker @REALTORinSaTx - Far too many are concerned w/ what's going on nationally. You must not forget that real estate is local. #narannual

katesax @katesaxkatesax @katesax - Where employment jumps up and down you find expensive, larger homes, more transactions and falling prices. #narannual

Laurie Weston Davis @lauriewdavisLaurie Weston Davis @lauriewdavis - Share things that can't be Googled. @nobuhata #narannual #SocialMedia

Crystal Henderson @CrystellaHCrystal Henderson @CrystellaH - What has become a favourite verb for clients? Like and Google are at the top. #narannual

katesax @katesaxkatesax @katesax - Starbucks popping up in your area? May be an up and coming neighborhood. Starbucks probably spent millions figuring it out. #narannual