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An Agent's Dirty Dozen of "Do Nots" - Part 2

This is the last of a pair of articles on what NOT to do in your real estate career. Read Part One here.

dohWe continue with the landmines you can avoid to save you time, energy, exasperation, and possibly your career.

7. Forgetting they are always "on." It is unfortunate the number of times I have met licensees who are dressed shabbily, act rowdy, or have a mouth that a mother would have washed out with soap. The public is always watching. Being rude in a movie theatre, loudly telling a lewd joke at the front desk, or zipping in to pick up a form at the office with hair matted down from a recent gardening expedition is not something that can be taken back once it is witnessed, overheard or seen.

  • Recommendation: This is a simple fix. It is recognizing that you must remain professional 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means in your dress whenever in the public eye and on your online profiles. It is much better living up to your great reputation than working had to overcome a bad one.

8. Failing to mentor each other. This is a trend that is beginning to disturb me. New licensees coming into the business have the eagerness of puppies. With praise and support, they can become the most loyal advocate that ever existed. I've seen several examples where the "old guard" only associates with those who have earned their stripes, and leave the new people out in the cold. Even when asked directly for help, I've overheard some alarming comments, "I had to do this myself, so you will too!" When did we forget what it felt like to be new? Just a small bit of guidance can go a long way!