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Which Wordpress Should You Use?

September 07 2010

magnifying glassThis is often a subject of confusion…

What is the difference between a “” site and a “” site?

In a nutshell, if you host a blog at, you do have a “WordPress blog”. But you will be greatly limited in the types of themes (a blog’s look and feel) and plugins (little programs that add functionality) that you can use.

A “” blog, also called a “self-hosted blog” gives you all of the power that WordPress has to offer. Every theme and every plugin will be available to you.

Some folks will tell you that setting up a blog is far simpler than setting up a blog.

And that used to be true.

Enter is a great service that will have you set up on a full-blown blog in a couple of minutes.

No, really.

You’ll also get a domain name based email address – [email protected] (like [email protected]) set up for you.

Essential plugins are already loaded up for you (but you can easily add more).

Ditto for a variety of themes.

And they take care of all upgrades. And the hosting.

The cost?

$14.98/month. No contract. Zero headaches.

El Cheapo hosting is going to cost you $5/month. Better hosting will cost you more.

For $15 a month, does all the heavy lifting. You can even get premium themes from for a very reasonable add on fee.

With the ease and cost effectiveness of, there is no reason not to start off with a full-blown blog.

This blog runs on

Get thereGet there, post haste. It’ll be well worth it. Trust me.

Others Opine on vs. vs – Which One Should I Use? vs – Which One Should I Use?
From, a biased slant IMO: vs. vs.
Self Hosted vs. Free [Infograph]Self Hosted vs. Free [Infograph]

When reading these related links, keep in mind that eliminates virtually every “con” of using

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