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New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' Ears

September 03 2010

Online advertising IQ is on the rise!  We see it on Facebook all the time.  Have you ever noticed how the advertisements on Facebook always target themes on your wall posts?

For example, last week my friend posted on my wall, complaining about the loneliness of her Saturday night.  What do you think Facebook ads did?  Well they produced an advertisement for free iDating! Smart marketing, however embarrassing it is to have your friends alerted to your seemingly desperate dating status via intuitive advertising.

What would happen if Google picked up this target marketing idea and applied it to their phone service? 

Onion News NetworkOnion News Network, one of the most hilarious YouTube channels, took this idea and created the below news cast! 

Editor's note:  For any of our readers who ever actually looked up what gullible was in the dictionary, let me give you a helpful hint: as of today the content in this video is fictional. 

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Have a good Labor Day Weekend, free of hazardous whisper marketing!

To see the original video, as posted on YouTube, please click hereclick here.

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