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October Blogging Plan

September 28 2012

harvestOctober may mark the start of the final quarter of the year--but there's still time to turn your real estate blog into a robust part of your marketing plan!

Use our latest blogging plan to kickstart your writing habits. Looking for more ideas? Check out our previous plans for more inspiration:

Week 1: Where to See the Best Fall Colors

The seasons are changing and so are leaves on trees across the country. Use this blog post to position yourself as a local expert. Let your readers know when the colors in your area will be most vibrant. Then, recommend nearby getaways--or even great "Sunday drive" routes--where the changing leaves can best be seen.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Best Seller Incentives in [Your City's] Market

    Some sellers can struggle to get offers, despite a well-priced home. Create this post as a list of incentives that owners have successfully used in your area to sell their home. This could include things like interest rate buy-downs, credit at closing, or even lease-to-own options. Be sure to let readers know the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Week 2: How to Buy a Home in [Your City] Without a Down Payment

It's no secret that the tough job market and stricter credit requirements have made the dream of homeownership more elusive for many people. First-time home buyers, in particular, are finding it difficult to come up with the 20 percent down payment required by most lenders.

However, there are many programs to assist potential home buyers. In addition to veteran's assistance, many states, cities, and counties offer their own programs to help citizens purchase a home. Be a resource for your blog's readers by providing information on local programs that may help them.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Top 5 Listings in [Your City] Under $200,000

    This is a great opportunity to appeal to bargain hunters and showcase multiple homes at once. For a quick and easy post, just choose a short list of affordable properties in your area, include photos and a brief description. This is a topic you can repurpose in the future--you can even change the price point to mix things up!

    For best results, be sure to create a sense of urgency. These are great homes at an affordable price, after all--surely, they won't last long!

Week 3: Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

The legal ins and outs of the home buying process can be confusing, especially for first time buyers. Help your clients' purchase go more smoothly by educating them with a simple list post of common legal missteps to look out for.

Explain the ramifications of each mistake, like not obtaining a confidentiality agreement from the seller.

  • Additional or alternative topic: X Home Flaws You Shouldn't Ignore

    There are plenty of cosmetic defects--worn carpeting, peeling wallpaper--that a buyer can look past when considering a home. However, deeper problems with the foundation, moisture, plumbing, or the roof merit serious consideration from buyers, no matter how ideal the rest of the home is.

    Use this blog post to strengthen relationships you've made with local plumbers, inspectors, and other home improvement professionals by linking to their website or Yelp profiles. Better yet, if you've created a recommended professionals page on your website, capture the opportunity to build strong internal links by sending readers there.

Week 4: A Guide to Halloween in [Your City]

There is frightful amount of information you can use with this topic--so much, in fact, that you could probably make it a series of posts! Let your readers know where to find the best costumes, pumpkin patches, haunted house attractions, and other scary events. Parents will especially appreciate a list of safety tips, or Halloween alternatives (hint: many churches offer these events).

  • Additional or alternative topic: Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in [Your City]

    Not everyone may celebrate Halloween, but most people get the occasional sugar craving. Use your local expertise to guide readers to the best candy stores, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and other sweet spots in your area.