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How Much Ground Should I Cover With My Real Estate Blog?

September 24 2012

retomato digging holeBiting off more than you can chew will be the death of your real estate blogging.

But I hear it all the time: "My blog needs to showcase that I specialize in these 10 communities."

You have two hands, 10 fingers and only so many hours a week to dedicate to content creation (blogging). How can you possibly create enough content to come off as the expert, equally, for all 10 communities? You can't. Not alone, anyhow.

"But I want to make sure that people know how much ground I cover."

The best way to do this is two-fold:

1. Write up profiles for as many communities as you reach. Showcase this group in either a carousel or a sidebar group/list linking off to each profile.

2. Leverage your IDX functionality to offer property searching in a wide range of locations. This can be done in a quick search dropdown and/or in a sidebar list, not unlike the profiles above.

But successfully covering this range of communities with blogging content is another story.

In order for blogging to work, and work swiftly, you need to illustrate to your audience that you are an expert on your topic(s).

This is done by comprehensively covering a niche from many angles (housing market, entertainment, landmarks, schools, parks, events, listings, etc). By spreading your efforts across many locations, you water down your impression to whimsical.

Look at it this way:

If water (success) is 100' deep, you don't dig five 20' holes.

You get started digging to 100'. Once you have reached success for that niche, you can set out to dig subsequent holes. Your experience will be better because now you can apply what you have learned to be more effective, more efficient and more properly expectant of your effort.

The Bottom Line For Blogging On Multiple Communities:

I understand that you want to showcase the range of ground that you cover locally. So do this with property search options and community profiles. But leave the blogging effort (at least in the beginning) to, at most, a couple (that's two!) communities. The audience that you attract with your blogging will respond to your efforts. This will, in turn, encourage you to continue blogging, opening up the opportunity to cover a greater range in the future.

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