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Tech Tips: Creating a Great Real Estate Website

September 17 2012

lonewolf techtips creating great websiteDo you know your target market? From staging the homes you are showing, to creating a website, there are many strategic subtleties that you must consider in order to optimize your efforts. Without a doubt, there are different attributes between a first time home buyer and someone looking for a place to retire in. How you would approach a buyer moving across the city differs from someone moving across the country. However, there is one common attribute that all of these demographics share: they want an easy and timely experience.

A very important part of the modern real estate business is a website. We all know what it is like to visit a poorly created website, which is cluttered and disorganized. It's a very dissatisfying feeling that leaves an awful taste in your mouth. Now would you want this to be the first impression of someone looking to buy a home in your area?

In the past, a handshake and a business card was the beginning of a long lasting relationship with a client or a business partner. You didn't have to worry about loading time, or how well you ranked in the search engines. But in order to keep up with the times, you must consider these things before a potential client gives up and tries your competitor's website.

There are a number of great tools available on the internet. For instance, Firefox has a great free plugin called HTTPfox. It will show you each and every bit of traffic that occurs when trying to load your website. Another tool is, which will grade you on the readability of your website.

While it is easy for a search engine to have a clear and readable space, the task can also be simplified on your real estate website. Knowing where to place things like your company logo, search tool, and secondary information can be a great place to start. Studies have shown that users follow an F pattern when visiting a site, so placing important information in these areas can be vital to the user experience.

While all of these tools are great, advice from a consultant will likely be the most effective. This week's Tech Tips video features advice about Targeted Websites for Real Estate Agents from Gordon Wallace, the M.A.T.E. Team Lead:

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