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Homebuyers Are Not Connecting with REALTORS Online

August 30 2010

reachingout200pxWhat could happen if there was a way for an online visitor to ask a question and get someone to answer within a few seconds? Simply put, your odds of capturing more buyers would go up!  Real estate professionals need a way to connect live with online visitors. One of the way to do that is live chat!

NAR reports that in 2009 online homebuyer trends have been consistent with past years.  90% of buyers said they used the internet to shop for real estate. Think about this for a second: 9 out of 10!

Compare that percentage to the 27% of online homebuyers who connect with a REALTOR® online.

The internet is an informational space. A web shopper comes in, gets the information you provide them and in most cases simply moves on. There is a great opportunity to connect right at that moment. Studies show that online home buyers take action from their web visits; 77% of them drove by or viewed the home they saw online.

The internet offers more information than most of us can handle. So here is the question I asked myself after reading the survey… How come only 27% of online shoppers find their REALTOR® online? Isn’t that the reason why so much time and money is invested by the real estate industry in the internet? Building beautiful sites, driving traffic and spend much time on social network or blogging?

There is a gap that is still too large between online shoppers and REALTORS®.  Currently, we place the information online for prospective home buyers to see, they take a look at different properties then go check out the house they like without a REALTOR®.  It is critical to be able to make a connection with these visitors. Various technologies are available to real estate professionals to narrow this gap and make a personal connection with the homebuyer. Live chat, for instance, enables agents to leverage the internet to establish instant connection with their online traffic.

Today real estate professionals can engage with the shift in consumer behavior and transform your website from being an informational space into a conversation space and covert more of your visitors into live prospects.

Happy Chatting!