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Want to Build a Blog Following? Distribution is Your Key

bloggerSo you write a blog.  Now what?  Well, getting some eyeballs on your blogsite might be nice.  As a real estate broker, having a well-run, popular blog helps establish credibility, build a reputation as the local expert and aid you in educating potential clients.  Blogging success comes down the to number of hits you get to your site, which is determined by how you market and distribute your message. 

There are a few techniques for putting your blogs in front of the right people. Chris Brogan, a well-established blogger, shared a few of his ditribution tips, in his blog post "Distribution Points for Your BlogDistribution Points for Your Blog."  These recommendations include the following 3 major channels and 1 minor tool:

  • LInkedIn,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Email.

My blog is one of my key tools in growing business. I use it to promote other people’s good work. I use it to share my way of thinking. I use it to equip you for success, knowing that should you need more than what’s offered on the blog, you’ll ask for a way to work with mework with me. Here’s how I look at distribution and why I think it’s important.