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Top 10 Articles from August

August 31 2012

Top10 200pxPutting together this "top 10" list was truly a pleasure. We've had some exceptional content this month. Enjoy these stellar posts from August – and please comment on the articles to share your thoughts!

1) How to Clear Your Browser Cache – by Lone Wolf

How often has this happened to you: you make an update on your website, yet when you go to see the live changes they are not visible? Where did all my edits go? That is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive in the Lone Wolf Support Department, and is easily remedied by completing a quick process known as "clearing the browser cache."

2) 4 Steps to Holding an Open House for Another Agent's Listing – by Karli Larson of ePropertySites

For many new agents (or seasoned agents who are in between listings) hosting an open house for a colleague can be a great way to meet new clients and get your name out there. Practices on holding an open house for someone else's listing vary. Some offices offer a flat fee to the agent holding the open house, and others allow the agent to claim the leads or client contacts made that day. If you're a motivated agent looking to expand your client network, follow these steps to "borrow" a listing for your next open house.

3) How to Stay on a Client's Radar For the Long-Term – by Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor

Real estate agents are always thinking ahead. They have to, especially when it comes to generating new business and maintaining their real estate agent marketing. And often when a deal is wrapping up, if not sooner, you're already on to the next potential client. It's a survival business, for sure, but it's also a great rule of thumb to keep in touch with past clients as a way to stay on everyone's mind, get follow-up business and keep your name out there.

4) 2 Systems That Will Make You a Lot More Money This Year – by RISMedia

Remember, what we need is simplicity, not fireworks. Here are two systems I recommend you to set up today, or even better, right now.

5) Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for REALTORS® - by Matthew Collis of IXACT Contact

Time management is a great skill to have, but mastering it isn't always so easy, especially when you're running a busy real estate sales business. Below are five great tips to put some time back into your day and make you a more productive REALTOR®.

6) A Geographic Farm? Do it right the first time. – by Chris Leo of Leading Agent

Many REALTORS® have decided to start a new postcard farming area, or fire up an old one that hasn't had any action in a while. Many agents, contemplating such a move, call or email our office for best practice advice, tips on where and how to market, or even help carrying out a direct mail campaign.

Here are a few of the most common questions and/or pitfalls we encounter and how we advise our clients.

7) Top Seven Tech Tools You Need As a Real Estate Agent – by

If you miss the days of back to school supply shopping, we have put together a supply list of tech tools every agent should have as they prepare to enter fall real estate season. While there are no colored markers or shiny folders on this list, we can assure you these tools are just as fun! Use these seven tools to help you seamlessly transition between showings and appointments.

8) 9 Things That Successful Real Estate Bloggers Do Not Want Their Competition to Know – by Jim Cronin

The simple formula of blogging regularly to a well defined audience pays off.

9) What REALTORS® Can Learn from – by Emily Williams

If you think of the "best" website you visit – what site do you think of? The answer is easy for me. I think of Although the USAA site is focused on financial services (not real estate), I believe there's quite a bit that REALTORS® could learn from USAA – online and offline.

10) Listing Syndication Definitions – by Emily Williams

Just when I think I "get" listing syndication, I'll find myself in conversation with someone about it and completely out of my league. Tired of feeling underprepared, I enlisted the help of a syndication expert, Celeste Starchild at ListHub. I asked her for a crash course in listing syndication and she explained to me that the first thing I needed to do was get the terminology right.