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Market Data Marries Video

August 29 2012

It's a fascinating marriage and, like most, full of potential. Earlier this week, VScreen announced their new project with Terradatum, Inc.: Automated Market Videos. This exciting new tool marries the slick medium of video with the substance of market data. It also represents the partnership of two highly respected companies with deep roots in the real estate industry.

Automated Market Videos

These videos offer a summary of local market conditions (by zip code, city or neighborhood) including data such as:

  • Active inventory
  • Median listing price
  • Days on market
  • Median sale price
  • Number of units sold

The data is presented with consumer-friendly narration and animated infographics. Brokers can brand these videos and share them with current or prospective clients on their website, social media, or elsewhere. Once each broker has collaborated with the team at Terradatum to fine-tune the branding, location, and style of the videos, the videos will be automatically updated each month.

Benefits to Brokers

SEO: Search engines often rank pages with video more highly than pages without video. On Google search results, videos are integrated with other pages and stand out nicely with the video graphic.

Time-on-Site: By adding video, brokers are increasing the amount of time that most visitors will spend on their site. Time on site is a key metric to fulfilling the consumer demand for information and is a driver of building online trust.

The "Neighborhood Expert": Yes, we're as tired of hearing and using this phrase as you are. But don't expect us to stop anytime soon because, the fact of the matter is that being seen as the neighborhood expert is an important accomplishment for real estate professionals. These videos do seem to offer a unique way to position yourself as such. The videos are tangible evidence that demonstrates your attentiveness to the home buying and selling market.

Great Data: Brokers participate in the MLS, the most active and accurate environment for real estate market conditions. The data for these videos comes from Terradatum, a longtime provider of MLS market analytic data services. You may know Terradatum by their most celebrated product name, Broker Matrix. VScreen converts MLS market facts curated by Terradatum to deliver these timely and insightful videos.

Distributable: The broker website is a great spot to display these videos. They can be appropriately placed in numerous locations to provide consumers easy access (like the market conditions page, the listing detail page, neighborhood pages, and so forth). The videos also provide insightful content for other points in the broker's communication array – including social media, blogs, digital newsletters, digital advertising, and even mobile solutions (the videos are mobile-friendly).

From the Source

We spoke to VScreen CEO, Stephen Schweickart, about the new endeavor and the potential benefits to brokers. "These videos give the broker a unique way to communicate with buyers at their level," says Schweickart. "The video medium can be both educational and entertaining. By pairing the powerful format with substantive, trustworthy data, we believe we are providing brokers with a great tool for reaching consumers. If you're a broker and you want to be a game changer – a leader, not a follower – then you need to get in touch with Terradatum and be first to market with this."


For an example, visit You will see that literally hundreds of videos are being created and updated for each neighborhood across five MLS systems – hands free! Here is the market conditions page for the lovely Napa Valleymarket conditions page for the lovely Napa Valley – you will see the video in the right hand rail of the page.

Take the Next Step

Do you want to learn more about Automated Market Videos? Contact TerradatumContact Terradatum today.