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How to Stay on a Client's Radar For the Long-Term

August 09 2012

reachfactor handshakeReal estate agents are always thinking ahead. They have to, especially when it comes to generating new business and maintaining their real estate agent marketing. And often when a deal is wrapping up, if not sooner, you're already on to the next potential client. It's a survival business, for sure, but it's also a great rule of thumb to keep in touch with past clients as a way to stay on everyone's mind, get follow-up business and keep your name out there.

A good service professional must think long-term in every transaction by assuming that every transaction is going to lead to another, whether with that particular client or that client's referrals. Here are some very simple tips for customer retention, based on excellent tips we've gathered directly from REALTORS® and through the real estate agent reviews we verify:

Closing Gifts: Clients remember closing for the stressful elements as well as the joyful ones. Take your client out to lunch afterwards or send a housewarming gift to show that it wasn't all about the sale.

Personal Communications: Drop a card in the mail for a client's birthday, wedding anniversary or closing anniversary. Studies show that these gestures make a big impact on Millennials and younger customers, but who doesn't like receiving a card on their birthday from the person who helped them buy or sell their home? On an even simpler level, drop past clients a friendly e-mail every so often just saying that you hope all is well in the new home.

Be a Source of Knowledge: In your real estate agent marketing (bloggingFacebookReachFactor), you are promoting your home transaction skills, without a doubt, but also your knowledge of the community you serve. Facts about public schools, neighborhood features, local doctors, plumbers and other home service professionals make you stand out from the pack and keep past clients returning to you for advice.

Social Marketing: Don't forget to maintain your social media sites and email databases. If you feel like you have something to say once a month or quarterly, put together a regular newsletter keeping in touch with past clients.

We see it all the time in our real estate agent reviews. Clients give four-star reviews to agents consistently saying that they will be repeat customers in the future based on skill, attentiveness and thoroughness. In your client retention efforts, find new ways to be your clients' go-to professional, in the same way that they speak about their doctor and their lawyer. And just a few ideas can make this relationship stick for the long-term.

Do you have any tips for client retention? Let us know in the comments section.

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