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Juggling Too Many Contacts? Consolidate with Plaxo!

networking200pxAs a REALTOR® you will always need to attend networking events and continually advertise your brand to your local marketplace. However, new online tools have emerged that help outreach and networking become easier and much more expansive. The new concept of online networking is a very productive method for building a “following” that you can connect with virtually.

As the world around us changes, so must real estate marketing. From the early days of chat rooms, people have been successful at creating and developing relationships on the Web. Today, more and more agents are using the Internet to do the type of networking that they used to do offline, and some agents, like Diane Cohen of Chase International, for example, have seen their business explode as a result.

The difficulty to many agents is the first step of understanding where to start or how to expand your online networking, hereafter referred to as social networking. Not all sites are for all people. Your goal is to cover the basics, but you will encounter surprises everywhere. If you are like most of us, you probably have distant relatives, classmates, and old friends that you have lost track of. With social networking, you may find them again. Connecting with old acquaintances is not only a personally rewarding experience, but also a great opportunity to let them know that you are a REALTOR®.

What follows is a description of the top social networks for professionals, the order in which you should join them, and how to register. This series will include:

Part 1: Juggling Too Many Contacts? Consolidate with Plaxo!
Part 2: Go Big or Go Home – Network with Google Using Gmail
Part 3: LinkedIn - Provider of 4 Degrees of Separation
Part 4: Connect the Past with the Present Using Facebook
Part 5: MySpace – Stake Out Your Space
Part 6: Make Noise and Build Traffic with Twitter
Part 7: He Said, She Said – Manage Your Online Reputation with Naymz

We hope that you will glean the purpose of each of these sites in online real estate networking and take away the basic steps of getting started.

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