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Real Estate Pros on Facebook – 5 Best Practices

July 17 2012

3963 homes facebook5best 300x200Social media is arguably taking control of how we communicate with friends, family, and now with advertising opportunities and business pages on Facebook, this social network is by far one of the top to be involved in. If you haven't started your Facebook fan page for your business, then you should today. Tips from our research, including this articlethis article,  incorporate the most popular practices for enhancing your brand on Facebook.

  • Consistency. Stay active with posts about your business, personal life, and other valuable articles of interests. Even if your audience includes individuals from personal and business relationships, be consistent by reaching out to every member of your audience. If your page is solely directed to business, then decide how active you want your page to be and make it a habit to be consistent with your decision. This way your audience can hold you accountable and trustworthy for information when they need it and want it.
  • Connect. This is how you can make connections more quickly than before. Remembering someone's name and finding them on Facebook, or adding your leads from an open house can be your new way to reach out to potential clients. If making connections is one of your favorite reasons for having a social network, then creating a dedicated page for business may be in your favor. Connect on a personal level through your Facebook page and offer posts that homebuyers or sellers are looking for is often a much better option than handing them a business card that may get lost, or never used.
  • Integrate. Mix up your social network with other ways you market your business. For instance, you can automatically set up to have your Facebook account pull your Twitter feed or your blog posts, if you are active in either. Do you email newsletters to leads, clients, past or present? In addition, some email marketing tools including Constant Contact allow you to integrate the system through your Facebook page.
  • Create Image. Using a professional image is going to be in your best interest as a real estate professional and maintaining this reputation online through your photos is also just as important. Be careful what you post and what you allow to be tagged through your business page. A potential client could see a photo, make a judgment as it being distasteful, and decide to go with someone else as their real estate representative. Look closely at your privacy settings and mark what others can see and who can post items for or with your name on it. This is your business, you need to take control. With that said, to maintain a professional image, it isn't just about the physical images, also stay positive because negativity will not gain leads, ever. New clients will never want to see how bad you think another company is or the industry may be.
  • Consider Advertising. Facebook ads are becoming more popular among small businesses and national brands. When you are designing the ad, stay targeted and concise with clear messaging that your audience will understand. Be relevant. If you want to sell a home, do not put your face on the ad; instead, put the home on the ad. Test different design approaches for Facebook ads and see what works best for you, because this is a resource that can be very targeted and bring in the homebuyers and sellers you are looking for. It's just a matter of narrowing down exactly who you think you should target.

What's your best practice with Facebook? Share below in the comment section.

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