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Selling on the Go: Top 5 Smartphone Features for Agents

July 09 2012

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Your day begins with an inbox full of emails you check on your smartphone; you rush to meet clients at a showing – they call you when you're en route to reschedule; you stop at Starbucks to fill that hour by responding to more emails and updating your social media accounts on your phone; you attend a broker open house and end up snapping a whole album of photos on your phone because you have the perfect buyer in mind.

If you're like 72% of REALTORS® who use smartphones, working on the go comes with the territory. Owning a reliable smartphone is a crucial component to staying connected with your clients, replying immediately to new leads, and serving as a GPS device, a personal assistant and a photographer. Below are the top five smartphone features every REALTOR® should have.

1.) Hands free communication: Use a hands free communication device such as a Bluetooth device or a headset, or look into a smartphone with voice command technology such as the Apple iPhone 4S. The ability to speak without tying up your hands is not only important for your safety when driving, it's a great timesaver when you are drawing up a contract, maintaining your online listings and talking on the phone all at the same time.

2.) Camera: A reliable camera on your smartphone is invaluable when you are taking photos of your seller's house to add to their online listings, snapping photos for staging ideas, or taking photos at an open house for buyers.

3.) Guardly Safety App: Guardly's mobile safety app for smartphones lets you contact family, friends and 911 if you should find yourself in danger. One-tap quickly connects you with up to 15 safety contacts by conference call or private instant messaging. This app can provide peace of mind when you are meeting new clients for the first time, working late, or showing vacant properties or remote homes in unfamiliar locations.

4.) Google Maps: One wrong turn or change in appointment can send your carefully scheduled day out the window. Google Maps GPS functionality will pick up your location and steer you back on track. Also, if you're meeting your client at a showing and they are lost, enter in their location to provide them with step-by-step directions to direct them to their potential new home.

5.) Notes capabilities: Many phones are already equipped with a notepad or to do list type function. Eliminate carrying around unnecessary paper by typing your to do's, goals, or notes in your phone. Apps such as the popular Evernote, includes features such as to do lists, goal lists, and the ability to "write" memos by voice control. This app also lets you access it from any device that is synced to your account. While premium features of this app come with a small fee, the basic version is free!

What other smartphone functions have you found to be helpful when you are selling on the go? We would love to hear from you!

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