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Achieve Your Best Results in Less Time

August 10 2010

Too busy with little details to make real progress in your business? If you are feeling fatigued from constantly thinking about work, might we suggest looking into this upcoming webinar?

strategiccoachlogoAs an entrepreneur, the amount of time and effort you put in isn’t what’s important. What matters is your results. Strategic Coach® has developed a system that lets you focus on producing your best results while actually working less and enjoying your success more.

Join us on August 11 for a free webinar in which Strategic Coach® Program designer Shannon Waller will show you how to use your time more effectively with The Entrepreneurial Time System®, so you can:

  • Double your income and free time
  • Achieve your goals and create excitement
  • Gain freedom from “stuff” and messes
  • Increase your physical and mental energy
  • Find harmony between your personal and professional lives

Register now to secure your place for this webinar. It’s just an hour, but it’s an hour that will have a lasting impact on your entrepreneurial career and life.

The webinar will held at 1:30 pm EST on Wednesday, August 11, 2010. Including registration and Q/A, the webinar will be 45 minutes to an hour in duration.

Shannon Waller is a lead designer of the Strategic Coach Program, the creator of the Strategic Coach Team Programs, and co–author of the book Unique Ability®: Creating The Life You Want. For nearly 20 years, Shannon has been helping entrepreneurs and their teams use Strategic Coach concepts and tools to achieve stellar results and work better together.

To learn more about Strategic Coach, please click hereclick here.