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July Blogging Plan: 10 Topic Ideas

June 29 2012

3855 bloggerLast month, we started a new series of monthly articles to help you post more regularly on your blog. In case you missed it, you can read last month's article here. This month, we'll continue the series with a new set of topics. The brilliant Jim Cronin commented on last month's post that posting once per week isn't really enough, so we're giving you even more topics to choose from to let you post more frequently.

Topic 1: What to do on July 4th in _____________________.

This should be the first topic you write about, and you'll need to get it published ASAP. As the community expert, you'll have all the details about the most popular Independence Day destinations in your local area. Including pictures will make this even more powerful.

Don't have time to get this post up before the 4th? Don't fret. Here's an after-the-fact alternative: "4th of July in _______________." You can include photos of how you spent your 4th of July as well as sharing other destinations people may want to consider for the next year.

Topic 2: Summer Is Heating Up – Is That Pool Worth It?

I'll admit, that house down the street with a pool is starting to look awfully appealing to me as our weather heats up. You can guarantee that your buyer clients are thinking the same thing. Consider a blog post that will detail the pros and cons of buying a home with a pool.

Topic 3: Should I Buy a Home While on Vacation?

Does your city get a lot of traffic during summer months? If so, you may also have noticed a trend: these out-of-towners falling in love with your community and deciding to purchase a home there. It's a great potential source of leads for you, and a good first step is capturing them on your blog.

Write an article that serves as a guide for these vacation buyers. Discuss the logistics of out-of-town real estate purchases in general, then get more specific about your local community.

Topic 4: Tour Our Schools

We discussed in our article, 4 Tools to Spice Up Your Real Estate Website. Their school data can be excellent fodder for a variety of blog posts. To get you started, consider a post that briefly profiles each of the schools in your area with details about teachers, student demographics, test scores, etc.

Want to spice up the post even more? Add photos and basic info about some of your listings located nearby each school.

Topic 5: Best Restaurants for Eating Outside

One of the best things about the lovely weather is getting outside to enjoy it. Do any local restaurants have outside dining areas where you can do just that? Put together a list for your blog's readers – use Yelp to give ratings, cost, hours of operation, and other info.

Topic 6: Managing Stress During a Real Estate Transaction

For both buyers and sellers, a real estate transaction can be a very difficult time. Consider a blog post with your top tips to help them feel better. This post would lend itself well to the numbered list format (which is always popular with readers). Consider suggestions like:

  • Ask as many questions as you'd like. As your agent, I'm here to help you as much as you need.
  • Treat yourself. Get a massage, a pedicure, or spend a weekend at a B&B.
  • Remember the reasons why you decided to buy or sell your home in the first place. Focus on the rewards.



Topic 7: Should I Rent or Buy?

It's a question asked by many consumers, particularly in a difficult market. "Should I rent or buy?" Discuss the pros and cons of each.

Topic 8: Dig Through Your Email

Go through your email to find questions you've been asked by your clients. Create a Q & A post with their email (excluding any information that can be used to identify them, obviously) and your response – cleaning up grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. if you need to.

Topic 9: Community Events

Write about community events with great SEO titles, for example: "Things To Do in Arroyo Grande: Arroyo Grande Farmers Market."

Let's say you're writing about your own farmers market. Write about your favorite booths, where to get the freshest strawberries, interview some of the booth vendors, and take some photos.

Do this for as many events as you can. Each individual event can be its own blog post. Once you create a body of work, whenever you blog about market conditions in your community, you can link over to your articles about local events.

As an aside, your site will get indexed by search engines for terms such as "things to do in ________" as well as event titles, both of which get searched a lot, driving traffic to your website. And always be sure to socialize your post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Topic 10: How Electronic Signatures Improve Your Real Estate Transaction

Although many industries (real estate especially) are swiftly adopting electronic signatures for their myriad benefits, some consumers are still nervous about this new technology. A post on your blog to explain how and why you use digital signatures is a great opportunity to showcase your tech know-how and your customer focus. Need some help getting started? We recommend this article: "4 Tactics for Making Clients Comfortable with Technology."

Not using digital signatures? Two things: (1) you should be; (2) this post can still work if you choose a different technology (for instance listing syndication, showing software, or any other technology that may be new to them). Simply explain how and why the technology is used, focusing on the benefits that they will appreciate.