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3 Reasons to Turn Off Your Generic Email Auto-Response

June 26 2012

Dear friends with email auto-responses,

3826 email boxThose of you who turn on a temporary auto-response when you're on vacation, one that alerts recipients to your absence and directs them to an alternative resource – I'm not talking to you. I AM talking to those of you who have a generic email auto-response at all times. You know, the kind that goes out whenever you receive an email and says something like, "Thanks for your email! I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able."

If you fall into the latter category, I have something very important to say: it's probably time to turn it off. I recommend this not out of selfish reasons, but for your own good. "Why?" you might ask. Great question; I'll tell you.

1) Your email auto-response serves absolutely no purpose.
What purpose is that generic auto-response serving? Does it address the sender's question/request/etc.? Does it provide anything of value at all (short of telling the sender that you now have email in your inbox)? Nope. It's just annoying, which brings us to my second point.

2) It's annoying.
Seriously. I have never felt anything except annoyance when I receive a generic email auto-response. I get dozens of emails a day; the last thing I need is your spammy auto-response filling up my inbox. And if I'm sending you a series of emails for some reason, don't even get me started on how it makes me feel to receive an auto-response for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF THEM.

You can guarantee that the rest of the people receiving the auto-response feel the same way. And do you really want to be annoying your prospects and current customers? I didn't think so.

Once again, there is a time for an email auto-response: it is when you are on vacation. You're sharing important information that will be very useful to the recipient. In fact, rather than annoyed, they'll feel grateful when they receive it. Then, when you return from Tahiti or Vegas or backpacking the Pacific Coast Trail, you remember to turn that bad boy off, right?

3) It could get you blacklisted.
The development/IT geniuses at RE Technology are sweethearts. They humor those of us who are less tech-savvy and they would never blacklist one of our readers. However, they warn us, many of their peers CAN and WILL blacklist anyone they receive excessive email auto-responses from. What does this mean? The emails that you try to send will bounce; your recipients will not receive them. And for today's real estate agent, that's a really bad thing.

Basically that's all I have to say about that. Please share your feelings in the comments section below!


Emily and System Administrators Everywhere