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Would You Rather Be People-Savvy or Tech-Savvy?

June 20 2012

Last week, I was inspired by to write “Why Newspapers Are Like Cemeteries.” This week, they piqued my interest yet again with research that showed Americans would rather be people-savvy than tech-savvy. It’s undeniably interesting, but how is it relevant to real estate? Well, it brought up a very important point to me – our industry is one of a group that requires people to be both. However, based on this research, I’d take it a step further and say: it’s okay if you’re not naturally tech-savvy; it’s better to be people-savvy and do some work to make those tech skills grow.

The Facts
Here’s the chart that put together:
3792 Screen Shot 2012 06 18 at 2.59.20 PM

Some of the particularly interesting details include:

  • Chinese and Indian respondents preferred technical skill. What this means to agents is that, if you want to attract international buyers, you need to demonstrate that you’re tech-savvy. One way to do this is to offer language translations on your website. Immobel is one of the companies leading the charge in this area, offering a variety of solutions for global marketing.
  • According to MarketingCharts, female respondents to the global survey were 20% more likely than men to prefer people skills. This is something to be aware of when you’re working with buyers or sellers. It might help to play up your people skills with female clients, although you’ll also want to mention your tech knowledge as well.
  • Predictably, younger people are more likely than others to prefer tech-savvy. Younger buyers are an important source of business for real estate agents. If you want to effectively market to this group, you need to remain on the leading edge of technology. Demonstrate to young home sellers that you will be able to market their home effectively online, that you can leverage mobile devices to communicate with them and reach potential buyers, and that you have a powerful website to showcase their listing and generate leads.

As I mentioned above, feeling technologically challenged doesn’t make you a bad agent. Rather, it’s simply an indicator that there’s room for growth. If you need help, you can reach out to your broker, MLS, or Association; you can also use RE Technology to read articles for tips and tricks, as well as visit our product directory to learn more about the tools available to you.

We want your opinion. Do you agree with the results of this study? Would you rather be people-savvy or tech-savvy?