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What Is Real Estate Blogging’s 1-2 Punch?

June 12 2012

3742 tomato Boxing Gloves1This is the seventh in a series of brief blog articles inspired by Good Earth Tea® quotes.

"Inactivity is the biggest sin in boxing."
- Sugar Ray Leonard.

OK – so I am cheating. This is not an actual GET quote. But I ran across it the other day and saw the obvious correlation with blogging, so I had to force it into the quote series.

The obvious connection with this quote and blogging is that a quiet blog is a dying blog. We have covered this topic over and over and over again.

But there is a different angle relating boxing and blogging that needs to be pointed out.

More often than not, it is the consistent use of combinations in boxing that wears the opponent down, allowing them to win the fight. The pugilists don't train to throw a single knock-out punch. They train to work the body, work the head, counter punch, and to force their opponent to miss. All this work opens the opportunity to land a clear shot and, in turn, knocking their adversary out.

Bloggers similarly need to recognize the value of regular writing within different topics.

It is not the article about living in the community, nor the one about short sales, nor the one about market trends that will generate the lead, it is the combination of all of them.

Bring your audience into the ring with you and showcase your expertise in real estate and your connection to the community. Your consistent blogging on this combination will strike the reader as being a worthy resource, one to contend with. Forgive me, I am forcing the puns here.

But you get the idea...a healthy distribution of content into several strong categories is the winning combination for generating leads in the blogging business. Don't get caught up in trying to throw that knock-out article, hoping to land a new client. Keep moving, keep writing, keep dancing in the ring. Work the topics you know so well, and success will be yours.

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