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10 Point Marketing for Mobile Consumers

July 29 2010

realtor mobile paper coverThe tremendous growth and reach of smartphones clearly shows the mobility of today’s real estate consumer. Buyers and sellers can now search for homes and real estate related information anytime, anywhere – standing in line at the grocery store, waiting at the dentist, or waiting for the kids at the school carpool. With smartphones, the mobility limitations of home computers have been completely removed. The question now is, “Are you prepared to connect with these mobile consumers?” and “What is your plan for positioning yourself in front of these buyers and sellers?”

This 10-Point Marketing to Mobile Consumers Preparation Guide, will guide you through best practices for reaching the mobile real estate consumer, including those who connect with you through the® Real Estate Search iPhone® application.

1. Check your listings on top real estate sites such as® to make sure that all of the major contact points on your listings are updated. You’ll want to double check that your mobile phone number is front and center and easily accessible so when consumers find you with the® real estate search iPhone app or other smartphones, they can dial you with one touch. When you consider how many millions of home buyers search the #1 real estate site,® - you’ll want to make sure that consumers have an easy way to reach you.

2. Your first contact with a potential client is crucial. If possible, don’t let the first interaction be your voicemail. Here’s why:

  1. In general, internet buyers expect to get information in real time.
  2. If you can’t provide information immediately, consumers will get it elsewhere.
  3. The caller may have a friend in real estate, but because your number was on the listing, they called you to get a quick answer - voicemail indicates a longer wait for desired answers.
  4. If you can’t answer every call, consider using an answering service, or rerouting your calls to an assistant.

3. What you say over the phone is just as important as answering the phone. The Mobile Conversation Starters below will help get the conversation started and help bring you closer to obtaining an appointment.

  1. The home you’re interested in has a lot of great features. There is another home not far from that one that is very similar and also priced very aggressively. I’d be happy to get you in to see that one as well. Let me have you come by my office and then I can take you out to see them.
  2. I was actually going through recent homes that came on the market and this one is still a good find, in my opinion. I toured it this past week and it is in really good shape. I also have a few more in mind that are similar and recently came on the market. Let me know if you wish to go out and see those as well.
  3. I am about to take a listing on a property that is similar to the one you called on. I will be working out the details with the seller this week as soon as we come to terms on price, etc., I will be authorized to put it out on the market. Do you have some availability to preview it? As soon as it is listed, I will be putting it out on the MLS, but I can get you in it the very moment I do so. Call me if you have some time as I think it has the potential to sell quickly.

4. Ensure that your listings have every element consumers want including a detailed property description, multiple photos, virtual tours, videos and more. Smartphones, such as the iPhone®, can now show all of these details just as you would see on any computer.

5. Keep your multiple listings in your pocket. Today’s smartphones are equipped to play videos and store photos. You simply never know when you might run into a potential buyer for your listings, at the grocery store or the local little league game. Having video home tours and multiple photos of your listings ready to play at a moment’s notice will enable you to show off your listings. It instantly demonstrates that you are on the cuttingedge of marketing and technology. The same is true of potential home sellers wanting to see how you might market their home. You no longer have to carry around a bulky laptop or paper flyers to impress potential clients during impromptu introductions.

6. Track your calls. Understanding where your calls are coming from is crucial when analyzing your marketing campaigns and which calls to action are most effective.


  1. Always ask how a caller found you. When an agent is on the run showing listings or meeting seller clients, it’s easy to forget to ask this question. Often times a caller will tell you they found your website – but that may not be enough to judge the effectiveness of your marketing. It’s crucial to determine if they linked to your site from some other source such as® or your company’s website.
  2. Use phone numbers you can track. Many agents will use multiple phone numbers on different websites and ads to track where their calls are coming from.

7. Mobile consumers demand real time data. To attract sellers, you need to provide them with real-time information about market conditions. Savvy mobile consumers are accustomed to getting email on their phone, and are reachable anywhere, anytime.

Imagine being at an open house where potential buyers sign up to receive listings from you, or a market trends data report. Now you can send them updates before they ever leave the open house – you’re engaged in a way that was never available before. Realtime information, 24 hours a day, without having to do anything but request an email address.

8. Create a mobile strategy for mobile consumers. Be sure that your listing presentation conveys to your sellers that you have an online and mobile marketing strategy to promote your listings 24 hours a day. You’re on the cutting edge of marketing, so it’s important to let your home sellers know how innovative you are at reaching all types of buyers for their home.

9. Learn about other online and mobile marketing techniques that will help you better market to mobile consumers. Check for upcoming workshops and webinars.

10. Are you an iPhone® user? Download the® Real Estate Search iPhone® ApplicationReal Estate Search iPhone® Application and start using it today to find listings while you are out with clients.

To learn more about®, please click here.

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