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5 Evernote Uses For REALTORS®

June 07 2012

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This post comes to us from the RealtyGlue blog:

Recently, I made the switch from Microsoft OneNote to Evernote. Three reasons for the switch are the instant syncing ability of Evernote ensure my information is accessible anywhere at anytime, OneNote is not available on my Mac, and it's FREE! Who doesn't like FREE?

If you are new to Evernote, Cameron Plommer from Extraordinary Vids provides a series of Evernote Tutorials that are very helpful to jumpstart your journey into Evernote.

1. Digitize Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes can be scanned and stored in Evernote for easy access with full search function powered by handwriting recognition technology. You can also snap a photo of a note and tag it.

2. Organize Market Research

Using the stackable folder functionality, your market research becomes a more powerful tool to quickly access information for clients or colleagues. For instance, you have a folder named Mortgage Information including notebooks containing Interest Rates, Mortgage Companies, National Trends, Local Trends and more.

3. Client Profiles & Collaboration

The web clipping functionality is useful in saving information on your clients. You can use the tool to collaborate with clients. For instance, you can make suggestions for simple ways they can increase their home's curb appeal with an article you saw on a favorite blog. They can respond by sharing a photo of a paving display they saw at their local Lowe's requesting your opinion.

4. Brilliant Marketing Ideas

Have you ever seen a flyer, sign, or advertisement that you think is absolutely brilliant? Instead of relying on your memory or jotting a note that may or may not be seen again, you can simply snap a photo and tag it "brilliant marketing" and save it to Evernote. Imagine how many innovative ideas you will have in a matter of months by snapping up great ideas on a regular basis!

5. Snapshots of Everything

Do you remember the décor you admired at the local Spring Home and Garden Tour? How about the fire pit arrangement on the patio at a friend's home that you would love to recommend to clients? By snapping photos of every item that catches your eye and tagging it, you are creating a database in Evernote of everything amazing in your life.

The next five uses I intend to implement is organizing my Receipts, Vacations Plans, Wish Lists, Recipes, and my extensive Bucket List. By using the same tool for your business and personal life, use will become second nature and your entire life will be better organized.

How do you use Evernote?

To view the original article, visit the Realty Glue blogRealty Glue blog.