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Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips

May 29 2012

This post comes to us from Carrie Gable on the Mountain of Agents blog:

3643 social media marketingOver the weekend, I spent some time helping my parents with their spring cleaning. We dug through every room, every closet and every nook and cranny in the entire house, searching for anything we could get rid of (not too easy for Mom – total pack rat). The result? I cannot even begin to tell you how many things we found that we didn't even know existed! So after loading up the car with trash bags full of items to be brought to Goodwill, I got to thinking: what other things in my life need their own Spring Cleaning? As my iPhone alerted with me a new notification, the realization was almost instant: social media.

As real estate agents, we spend a lot of time on social networking platforms – making sure our Facebook page is populated with recent posts, interacting with folks on Twitter, and connecting with hundreds of professionals all over LinkedIn. But think about it--whether it's your personal page or business page, how many of your friends/fans/followers/connections do you really know? How many of them bring you beneficial information or offer insightful feedback to your own posts and updates?


Facebook: Have you ever been perusing your Facebook newsfeed and you see a status that is just completely useless? "I had spaghetti for dinner." In this case, my question to you is, why are you following them/friends with them/fans of them? Whether it is for social or professional purposes, ask yourself why you use Facebook. If certain people don't encourage those reasons or live up to your objectives then it may be time to "delete." Don't be afraid to un-friend people or unsubscribe to their posts. If the information isn't valuable then it is not a good use of your time, right? Another great tool to implement is Facebook Lists. This allows you to control the types of updates you receive. You can create lists for any group of people, including colleagues, friends, family, and clients. When you login into Facebook, you can then review the updates from those specific groups, and also choose which groups can see your specific posts.

Twitter: Take some time to go through who you're following on Twitter. If you come across users where you have no idea who they are or what they do, then dig a little deeper. Look through their profile and determine if their regular tweets are beneficial to you. If not, un-follow. When first joining any social network, we have a tendency to start following everyone under the sun. Now that you have a handle on how to use Twitter, your feed is most likely filled with randomness that has no meaning to you. Twitter is fast-paced and constantly updating. Having a crowded feed is only burying the tweets you actually want to see.

LinkedIn: When you first joined LinkedIn, there's a good chance you took advantage of all different groups you could join. That's awesome – but looking back, how many of those groups do you actually utilize? Are you being bombarded with constant emails that you never read or get little use from? If you're not getting what you need out of a group, then it may be time to leave. You can always rejoin if you find the information useful in the future. There are so many groups on LinkedIn – when you leave one, you are bound to find another that is better suited for what you hope to gain.

Update Info: When was the last time you took a gander through the information about yourself or your company that is posted on your website and social media platforms? If you're having trouble remembering, or even if it was just a few months ago, it's time to clean this up. Perhaps there are employee profiles who no longer work with your company anymore, or maybe you recently accomplished something great and you want to tell the world. Or maybe you just have a newfound distaste for your 160-character Twitter description. Now is the perfect opportunity to make sure your info is fresh and up to date.

One of the most unique aspects that draws us into social media is the fact that we choose our own experience. We choose who to follow, we choose who to connect with, and we choose who we want to receive notifications from. We also choose who we eliminate contact with. The process of social media spring cleaning goes beyond just social media. Also consider going through your email subscriptions and unsubscribing from the mailings you don't need. I'm sure you have way more pressing matters to handle! Make your life a little easier in the coming months and spring clean your social media strategy.

To view the original article, visit the Mountain of Agents blogMountain of Agents blog.