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Don’t Be Spam

May 25 2012

3625 spam coming through comp screen lgOkay, three things:

  1. People don't like spam.
  2. When you post one of your listings in an inappropriate way on social media, it is basically spam.
  3. When you spam people, you will get a negative response (if you get any response at all).

This seems like common sense, right? WRONG – and here's proof: I awoke this morning to discover that someone had posted a link to one of their listings on the wall of the RE Technology Facebook Page. Now, I'm not angry about this (although I promptly deleted the post). I can't really blame the agent for trying. But I did see the opportunity for a "teaching moment."

Here's the lesson. In this specific case, the main question is: "When is it inappropriate to post a listing on any Facebook Page other than my own?" Here are a few red flags.

Do NOT Post Your Listing If:

  • There are no other property listings posted on the Page. This is a great clue – if no one else has done it ever before, there's probably a darn good reason.
  • You have no relationship with the administrators of the Page. It should be an even bigger no-no for you if you've never even interacted with the Page before. Why would an utter stranger allow you to use THEIR digital domain for free advertising?
  • The page is geographically neutral. If your listing is in Small Town, USA, the chance of anyone viewing the Page having any interest whatsoever is essentially nil. You'll be frustrating the Page admins and not doing yourself any good.
  • You're not sure what the Page is about. I'll use RE Technology as an example here. Our audience is made up entirely of real estate professionals. Now, if you know this, you'll understand that you won't be reaching any homebuyers by posting on our page. You'll just be spamming other agents. If you're unfamiliar with a Page, its audience, and its purpose, you're likely to make this kind of mistake.

Play It Safe
Real estate is a business built on reputation. As an agent, you want to be perceived as polite, professional, and compassionate – the opposite of rude or untrustworthy. So, my advice to you is: when it comes to social media, play it safe. Unless you have been given SPECIFIC PERMISSION, do not post your listings anywhere except on your own Facebook Page.

And if you're having trouble navigating the harsh landscape of social media, don't be afraid to ask for help! Your broker, your Association, and your MLS are great resources for you. You can also reach out to a professional – get started in our product directory.