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Do These 6 Strange Home Buyer Incentives Sell a House Faster?

May 17 2012

This article comes to us from the Showing Suite blog:

showing suite incentives1In down real estate markets, many home sellers will do anything it takes to tempt prospective home buyers to make a purchase, especially by offering incentives to make the home seem a little more appealing. More common incentives include closing cost credits, HOA credits, or new home appliances. But will offering crazy buyers incentives really sell a house faster? Take a look at these unconventional incentives offered by home sellers in order to give buyers that extra push to and to get their home sold:

  • Booze. Desperate to stand out from the competition, one home seller offered an incentive of $1000 worth of food and drinks at the bar across the street from the home.
  • Cookies. Reportedly, actor George Hamilton negotiated one year's worth of cookies into the sale of his home from a bakery owner.
  • Cars. Malibu home owners threw in a Ferrari with the sale of their condo. If you happen to have a Ferrari that you wouldn't mind parting with, this incentive will almost definitely sell a house faster.
  • Vacations. It's actually quite common for home sellers to offer vacations as an incentive to buyers. After all, who wouldn't want a relaxing getaway after the stresses of moving and relocating?
  • Other Homes. Homeowners in Connecticut decided to include their vacation condo in Florida as part of their home buyer incentive.
  • Electronics. How would a brand new 52" LCD TV look in your new oversized living room? Or did you hear about that new iPad app with an integrated garage door opener? High-end electronics are often used in an attempt to highlight existing features of a home.

At the least, offering an incentive to buy your home may spark some interest amongst prospective buyers and could potentially help sell a house faster. Do you think that offering crazy buyers incentives is a good idea, or is it a better idea to stay away from the "gimmicks" and stick to what is proven to boost the actual value of the home?

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