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Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Your Facebook Timeline

May 10 2012

fb timelineWe like to view spring time as a fresh start: donating those unneeded items that have amassed over the past year, doing some light (or heavy) house cleaning and freshening up social media sites, specifically your business' Facebook page. With 79% of real estate professionals engaged with Facebook, it is the most popular social media site in the real estate industry. At the end of March, Facebook required that all business pages switch over to its new format, the Facebook Timeline. As the spring selling season ramps up, we want to offer you five tips to help you acclimate to the new Facebook Timeline page, to increase your page's "Likes" and to help build your business.

1.) Cover Image (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall)
The cover photo is one of the most noticeable changes in Facebook's new appearance as it lives in the prime real estate across the top of each page. It lets you showcase your company through a single photo, and provides a prominent space to get creative and create an eye-catching visual of your brand. The cover image should be visually compelling, yet clean, clear and concise. Successful brands change their cover photo regularly to keep it in step with marketing campaigns and events. The profile image still lives on the Timeline page, just slightly overlapping the cover photo. This is a great place to showcase your logo.

2.) Pinning a Post
Facebook Timeline now lets companies pin a post, which keeps the desired content at the top of the page just under the cover image. For seven days at a time, you can keep your most relevant posts, such as open house information, educational content or your brand's media coverage in front of the eyes of your page's visitors.

3.) Milestones
Facebook Timeline's Milestones feature encourages businesses to create a cohesive narrative to give followers a better understanding of the company history. This feature requires companies to showcase its history, growth and achievements in chronological order, automatically creating a compelling story. Major company events could be your office's founding date, new professional accreditations, or hiring top producers.

4.) Custom Pages
Each Timeline page is built with four visible custom "tiles." Your Photo Album is automatically set as the first tile and three additional tiles are available in a drop down menu on the far right side of the page. These tiles should be eye-catching, concise and labeled with a clear name, such as "View My Listings." You can drive web traffic directly to these tiles to help build your fan base. There are additional third party companies like WildfireWildfire or StruttaStrutta that promote tile customization and activation.

5.) Messages
Timeline gives page visitors the ability to send private messages to brand pages, allowing them to connect directly. This feature serves as an enhanced customer support channel, so it's important to respond in a timely manner.

These five steps can make a big difference in the way you present your brand on Facebook, and will compel your sellers and future customers to engage with you more frequently. Has your real estate business had recent success with the new Facebook Timeline? Do you have any questions about the new Timeline? Let us know in the comments below or on our new Facebook Timeline page.

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