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How to Choose the Right CRM

May 04 2012

This post comes to us from the Wise Agent blog:

wise agent crmpuzzleA good Contact Management program is critical to an Agent's business. There are many options out there, and it can be confusing, to say the least. How do you choose the right one for YOU? Here are three easy steps to consider when you're ready to look for the best CRM to fit your needs.

Make a list. Start by making a list of the features that are most important to you. Do you want to send email marketing campaigns? Do you need help staying organized with regards to your transactions? Maintaining a detailed contact history is also important. Do you want to sync your phone to easily access the information from anywhere? If you leave your current brokerage, can you take your database with you? Having a list of your top priorities allows you to easily weed out any options that don't have all that you need.

Ask around. Do some research to see what options are available. You can ask your colleagues or broker, check out Facebook groups, do some Google searches – the more information, the better. Run each program through your list of critical features to ensure it has what you are looking for. Narrow the list down to a few programs that include all (or at least most) of your specifications.

Try it out. Most CRM programs offer a free trial period so that you can make sure it will work for you before you buy. Make sure the interface is user friendly and intuitive. This is also a good time to test their customer support – make sure they have help available when you need it. The last thing you want to do is get stuck with a program you don't know and there's no one around to assist you. Is there a cost for training, or is it included for free? Also, confirm that the cost is within your budget, and be clear on the terms of any contract they may lock you in. Be wary of any program that requires you to enter your credit card up front – this may be a ploy to lock you into a contract if you don't cancel within a given time frame.

We realize that you have options when choosing a CRM. Compare several programs side by side to best determine which one is right for you. Wise Agent has been designed by real estate professionals as a comprehensive system that has all the bells and whistles, but none of the gimmicks. Compare our features, ask others about their experience, and give us a try – we think you'll like what you see!

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