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Are You On Branchout Yet? You Need to Be

May 02 2012

branchout logoReal estate professionals tend to look for the next best thing in social media and technology. They're often looking for that competitive edge to be a step ahead of the rest. If you're a real estate professional who is looking to expand your network, you need to join BranchOutBranchOut, a professional social network that is free to use and very unique because it uses the Facebook platform to operate.

BranchOut is a very young company, less than two years old, but it has made a huge splash in that time. It now boasts more than 25 million registered users and is the 25th most popular app on Facebook. It also just secured $25 million in private equity financing, so there are a lot of people who believe in this company. Here's why YOU should be one of them:


BranchOut is like LinkedIn in that it's a social network aimed toward professionals. It's a great place to look for a job as well as reach other professionals in an effort to expand your network. Whatdifferentiates BranchOut from LinkedIn is the fact that BranchOut is built almost exclusively on the Facebook platform. This means that users don't have to leave Facebook to access their professional network. With more than 800 million users, Facebook is, by far, one of the most popular social networks available. Branchout currently has 25 million registered users, which is great, but think about how big it can become by piggybacking on the Facebook platform — it could be huge. Zynga, the gaming company that gave us Farmville and Mafia Wars, is a great example of how Facebook can catapult companies into success. After building its business exclusively Facebook's broad shoulders, it went public last year — now, its stock is up more than 50%! BranchOut has the ability to be just as big.

As a real estate professional, you know how important LinkedIn is to your business. You use it all the time to network with mortgage professionals, Realtors, home inspectors, other agents, and potential clients. If used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for generating business. BranchOut can offer the same result for you, and it can be done from the convenience of your Facebook page.

Although BranchOut isn't as large (or profitable) as LinkedIn yet, it has the potential to be. As a real estate professional, you don't want to be the last one to know about a marketing tool that could establish new leads and expand your network. That's why if you're not currently using BranchOut, you should. It's free and can be created when you're logged into your Facebook account. Don't wait until your competition steals your clients away; get on this network now!

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