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SCVNGR: Innovative Marketing

July 19 2010

scvngrIn real estate, brokers are always looking for the best way to differentiate their services from their competition.  You have no doubt considered a number of lead generation/advertizing solutions. The question today is: have you thought about hosting a city wide scavenger hunt for qualified home buyers? Winner walks away with a down payment on their dream home, and those who didn’t win walk away associating a fun, adventurous day with your brokerage house. 

You can generate leads through providing local home buyers with a great memory.  SCVNGR (pronounced scavenger) has recently taken this advertising strategy to the real estate industry.

 This mobile gaming company has created a customizable mobile application that allows partnering firms to create destinations, challenges and questions they want potential clients to answer.  SCVNGR tailors their mobile game to the specific city and event.

Recently announcing their partnership with, SCVNGR is bringing their advertising game to the real estate industry this coming September 25 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Qualified home buyers will compete to see who completes the highest number of challenges and earns the most points.  

SCVNGR conducts scavenger hunts across America, a number of which have been coined "diamond dashes". Sponsoring Jewelers donate a large diamond ring to thousands of eager couples, looking to become engaged.   The below video documents a number of these events.

For more information about SCVNGR, please click here.

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