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Give Prospects a Nudge With The New Real Estate Productivity Web App

April 23 2012

This article comes to us from the Showing Suite blog:

ss nudge

Real estate technology consulting firm 1000Watt Consulting recently released NudgeNudge, a new web-based real estate productivity application designed to show off a real estate agent's knowledge with widgets, and act as a "call to action" for prospective clients. Where you would normally show charts and graphs with various statistics of how the housing market is doing, Nudge offers a clean, simplified way of presenting data to your prospects. "Nudge was born from the notion that agents could use something to cut through the noise and connect with consumers viscerally, almost emotionally, in their marketing," Said 1000Watt's Marc Davidson. "We wanted to create something different, clear and beautiful."

The real estate productivity widgets show various market indicators and trends, such as housing inventory, pricing, and time on market. What makes Nudge different is that the widgets do not pull in market data from outside sources. Instead, the indicators are completely adjustable by the agent according to their personal opinion. "The data comes from your head and opinion. That's what we believe is far more beautiful and worth sharing than a bunch of static facts," Marc Davison told Inman News. "It's your very opinion that makes you you, and what attracts people to you. Nudge helps you share that."

As of right now, there are eight different indicators to choose from. Once chosen, users can either choose a predesigned template for Nudge or choose their own colors. You can then create a call to action message of up to 400 characters. Once you create your own Nudge page, you can send it through email and share it on your social networking sites.

How do you think this new real estate productivity app will help aid in converting prospects to clients? To learn more about Nudge, visit1000Watt Consulting's blog.

To view the original article, visit the Showing Suite blogShowing Suite blog.