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A Little Birdie Told Me: How Real Estate Agents Can Use Four Strategies to Become a Twitter Expert

April 11 2012

twitter birdI am consistently at a loss to explain why it seems that so many real estate agents and brokers don't use Twitter. As a well-established and unique social networking platform, it is a very convenient method of sharing short messages and a superb way of sharing links, photos and videos. Twitter took flight six years ago (can you believe it?) and it still seems to be looked down upon as a place where people spew their ever-changing location, breakfast entrees or endless political opinions. But when I see how great and helpful Twitter is to real estate marketing, it makes me wonder why more people don't take advantage of it.

In questioning a general lack of Twitter love from agents and brokers, I've had a chance to do a bit of research and I do see the issues. Real estate agents and brokers simply need to learn how to use Twitter to their advantage and they need to stick with it. The road in Twitterville is dotted with "dead birds"–abandoned accounts where an agent posted a few times, never to return. I have also seen accounts where agents posted a handful of their most glorious home listings and then migrated away. Perhaps as a baseline to this blog post, it should be understood that the only people that will receive your news on Twitter are those who "follow" you (or if someone searches a keyword that happens to be contained in your post). Just because you "tweet" something doesn't mean a hill of beans if no one is following you. Therefore, building a group of followers should be a long term goal. Here are four helpful tips for fledgling tweeters in the real estate industry.

1. Take Flight - Anyone who has used Twitter for any amount of time knows that you have to just keep flyin'. Building your audience "nest" doesn't happen overnight, no matter what any automated program promises you. The most important thing to remember on Twitter is to be interactive. If you only post links to your listings and nothing else, it sends the message to others that you're just going through the motions and you don't have much of value to offer. A strong account engages with and mentions various followers, includes news, trivia, photos, videos and industry information and contains links to a variety of sources. Not only is that the goal of a successful Twitter channel, it's also the hallmark of a great person or business to follow.

2. Go Link - Twitter is great for links. But do followers really want to see the same link over and over again? Instead of only linking to the front page of your website–link to blog posts, individual website pages, YouTube videos, industry news stories, etc. That will encourage Twitter followers to return to you as a dependable source of a variety of information.

3. Get Engaged - The best way to gain more followers is to engage with them. "retweet" (RT) others' news when you think the news will also be of interest to your followers. Mention your followers by name and suggest new "tweeters" to your current followers by adding '#FF' at the end of your post. Go to established Twitter accounts that you know and enjoy. See who they are following to find others with similar interests. You can also search Twitter for any kind of subject (city, community, neighborhood etc,), which will also help agents hone in on potential homebuyer leads.

4. Hash It Out - Placing a hash tag (#) in front of any subject (#PhoenixHomes, #HomesForSale, #RealEstate, #WoodbridgeCommunity, etc.) in your tweet will allow others to find your posts by those given subjects. Routinely using a hash tag for a community or neighborhood name where you are selling is also an easy way to assert your selling savvy and give potential leads an easy way for to find you.

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