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Protect Your Social Brand – Grab Your Username Before Someone Else Does!

April 10 2012

This article comes to us from the Obeo blog.

NameChkFor branding purposes, it's a good idea to keep your username/handle consistent across all social media platforms. That means, if you're @SusieRealtor on Twitter, you should be on Facebook, and SusieRealtor on FourSquare and... you get the drift. But don't stop there. You should protect your brand by reserving your username on all the major social sites, even if you do not plan to use them. It's hard to build brand identity if there are other people out there using your username.

Maybe you are thinking about creating a new website and have the perfect URL picked out. Before you buy the URL, you need to see if it's also available as a username. For branding purposes, wouldn't it be great to have your URL as your username too? Wouldn't it be sad if someone else was using that name all over the web?

Lucky for you, there is a little site called NameChk that will instantly scan dozens of social media sites, and show you if your username is available or taken or each site. Once your username has been scanned, click on the sites where your username is available, register, and grab your username. Even if you don't plan to use the site, you know that no one else will be able to use your branded name on that site.

namechk screenshot

Save your brand now!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username/handle
  3. Watch in awe as Namechk scans dozens of sites
  4. Go grab your username!

View the original article on the Obeo blog.