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Generate Leads with a Summer Activity Guide

March 30 2012

Do you struggle to create effective marketing materials? Whether it’s with email, social media, or print collateral, you’re being told that you need to reach out to connections and prospects. But what do you create that will get a positive response? Here’s just one idea: create a Summer Activity Guide.

Create a Summer Activity Guide
father daughterOur local community – probably much like your own – is filled with families that have kids. “What do we do when they’re out of school for the summer” is a refrain heard regularly around our gym, grocery store, and (of course) PTA meetings. Finding fun, safe, educational activities that will keep kids busy over those long summer months is no easy task. That’s where you, their trusty community expert, can help!

In just a few steps, you can create a Summer Activity Guide that will get them talking – to YOU!

1) Do your preliminary research. Spend some time scouring the newspaper, Internet, local message boards, etc. And, more importantly, reach out to your connections in the community. Ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about what they’ve discovered. If you have children of your own, talk to teachers and school administrators to see if your child’s school has a list of extracurricular activities.

Universities and community colleges, as well as libraries and community centers, are a good place to start. Also don’t forget about museums, zoos, national parks, and monuments.

Where else have you found summer activities?

2) Confirm the essential facts. Once you’ve got a working list, reach out to the organizations providing the activity. You’ll need to answer the “who, what, where, when, and why.” Who is supervising the activity? What does it entail? Where will it occur? What dates/times is it available and how long does it run (i.e. the month of July, June through September, etc.)? Why is it a good fit for kids? And – even more importantly – people will want to know what age groups it’s appropriate for and how much it will cost.

3) Prepare the list. You’ll need to decide on the format you’ll want to use. This could be a pamphlet, a flyer, an article, a Facebook page, etc. Which format you choose will likely be dictated by your skill with graphics and the amount of information you’ve been able to compile – you may even want to consider creating several different formats.

Once you’ve created your list, you’ll also want to post it on your website or blog as a .pdf so that people can fill-out a form with their contact info to get access to it. This is an excellent lead generation opportunity. It is also kind of wonderful to see how many people you reach with your efforts.

Keep you list simple, easy-to-read, and FUN! Your tone should be light and enthusiastic.

4) Share your list. Provide your list to current and past clients. As I mentioned above, post it on your website. You may even want to consider sending your activity guide to your local newspaper or a blog for local parents – just make sure they give you proper credit as the author, including contact info and a short bio.

One Example of Many
This is just one thing you can do to generate leads and build relationships. If you’d like to learn more about creating marketing materials, there are a variety of companies that can help. You may want to research your options for Drip MarketingAdvertising, and Online Marketing.