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Content Marketing Is More Than Just a Blog Post

March 28 2012

lightbulbBy now you’ve probably heard the phrase “content marketing” and realize it has importance. Ongoing content marketing is crucial to a healthy online strategy. Solid content will funnel new visitors, keep them on your website longer and make them happy. New, happy visitors means more opportunities to convert those visitors to leads and sales.

Did you know that there is more to content marketing than writing an article or blog post?


Yes, videos are a form of content! According to Forrester ResearchForrester Research, websites with online video are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results. That’s powerful!

You don’t have to have an expensive camera or green room to make video content work for you either. Most of you have a smartphone right? Many of today’s smartphones have more than capable video shooting features. Now that you have an able camera, you just need ideas!

A good approach is to create a YouTube channel for your business. This channel will house all of your videos in one central location. Once you have a video uploaded, you can then grab the embed tag and place it on your website or blog.

Want some ideas for video content? Try interviewing clients, employees, industry experts, anyone with industry insight or memorable experiences to share. You can do virtual tours of your listings, market updates, how-to tips, neighborhood explorations, etc.


Images are quick and easy content. No excuse not to implement this! You can create an article or post with area/neighborhood attractions or detailed photos of a new listing. Write a short paragraph or image captions to inform viewers of what they’re looking at. And, voila! You have a new page on your site with useful content someone would actually enjoy viewing. Easy, breezy right?


Content marketing is not limited to what you can add to your website or blog. Social media is an excellent form of content marketing. Sharing your experience and insight with your social network keeps you and your brand in front of your market in a non-threatening way. Just be sure not to sell and you should be good to go. Great social media content is all about giving. Be helpful and interact with your network. An engaging and helpful social presence attracts prospects to you instead of you chasing them.


You know I couldn’t leave out writing, right! Video, images and conversation may be newer ideas for you, but written content is certainly not dead. It’s one of the most time-tested online marketing strategies out there with year after year proven success.Don’t worry so much about SEO when you write. Be informative and write for your readers. The SEO benefits will follow.


Content marketing takes time. It’s important to make time for it, but don’t let it take you away from important day-to-day activities like following up on leads and taking care of your clients. Don’t feel like you have to churn something out every day. Once a week is sufficient to keep your website current while giving your visitors more information and more to do on your site. One hour a week is enough to reap the benefits.

What are some content ideas you’ve tried in the past that you had success with?

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