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Make the Most of Your Open House

March 27 2012

Our friends at ReachFactor were inspired by our open house article last week. Here, they provide even more insight into this topic. Here's what they have to say:

All this talk about high-tech gadgets, video marketing and social media can almost make you forget that spring is here and open houses are a little more appealing to the weekend house hunter. For some real estate agents, the open house is still the best way to market not only your listing but also your reputation and experience. Yes, there’s still value in face time in spite of all the focus on internet and smartphones. So, how do you make the most of your open house? We have a few tips listed below, but here’s the payoff: Consider it an opportunity to generate new clients and treat it that way.

Exterior painting, bedroom carpeting, kitchen remodel or even a simple flourish like window flower boxes are among the choices for most sellers and Realtors when it comes to showing a home. But it’s the simple things that make a home appealing to a buyer. Previously, we ran a post on the blog called Cheap, No-Brainer Open House TipsCheap, No-Brainer Open House Tips.

According to the post, in spite of the fact that buyers appreciate a clean-smelling and looking home, they are turned off or suspicious of over-production. A child’s room with not even one stray toy on the floor, a coffee table without a book on it, and other signs of family life or normal habitation can leave a negative impression with some buyers, as if they needed to identify in some way with the previous residents in order to imagine themselves living there.

For more advice on open houses, read our article The Open House OpportunityThe Open House Opportunity.

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