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Mobile Friendly Real Estate Website Options and Pitfalls - Part 1

This article from Jim Cronin on the Real Estate Tomato blog is so packed with terrific information, we're going to split it into two parts. Part 2 of the article will be published tomorrow.

Thinking About Going Mobile With Your Real Estate Website/Blogsite?

Do you need it?
Is this just something that the buzz is causing you to feel like you are in danger of being left behind? Or is the fact that mobile web browsing has exploded in the last 2 years mean it’s time to get in front of that audience too?

Do you have a mobile audience yet?
Check your visitor statistics.
Exactly 13% of all our clients’ traffic was from a mobile device last month (Feb 2012)

Does what you currently offer fail on a mobile level?
Check it for yourself:

Desktop Simulator Desktop Simulator
Online Simulator Online Simulator

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that this article’s content will be irrelevant by the time I hit publish, but the topic has generated enough discussion around these parts that it warrants at least a solid overview, however fleeting it may be.