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It’s Time to Think Visually with Pinterest

March 21 2012

Our social media guru, Maya Paveza, talks Pinterest. This is a really hot topic so, after watching the video below, we recommend you also take a look at perspectives from Christopher Leo, Jay Thompson and

Here's what Maya has to say about her latest video:

Forget the other sites! The fastest growing social media site is It is growing so quickly that it may topple records set by companies like Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest is a sharing site, similar to other social bookmarking sites, but it is done visually. This kind of changes the game; suddenly you don't need to be as worried about only the text on your site, now images are back in the game. With this comes a whole new area for our SEO experts to start selling you on - those are the image “ALT tags,” but don't you worry! I will give you the little secret. The ALT tag on an image is what shows up before the image does, so make it descriptive and keyword rich to get the image indexed.

I will talk more on the visual importance that is now going to emerge next week, but today - get Pinterest set up and adjust out a social site to give it your time. You shouldn't be maintaining more than 3 to 4 without assistance.

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