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How to Put Your Agent Network to Work

March 16 2012

In the world of professional networking it's not just who you know, it's who the people you know know. Every one of your contacts has dozens of other contacts, technically putting you in touch with a vast web of people who can create opportunities for your real estate business and grow your career. Now, that concept might be perfectly clear, but setting things into motion is another ballgame. It helps to change the way you think about your social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and of course your ReachFactor profile.

professional network original New research by LinkedIn makes perfectly clear that opportunities increase with the size of your network, whether that be in job-hunting, generating leads or being more successful in meetings. According to the report "the average LinkedIn member has access to over 9,000 people via their 2nd degree network." This translates into access to connections in over 6,000 organizations in 130 industries via friends of friends that are a mere introduction away.

ReachFactor allows consumers to visualize an agent's professional network with its Network Connections feature on every agent's ReachFactor profile. It shows buyers and sellers how strong your agent-to-agent network is, and therefore presents a strong signal of your ability to find buyers and sellers for your clients. An agent with 15 connections is going to appear (and more likely is) more capable of selling a home than an agent with zero connections. For a good example, check out Susan & Jerry Sonier's page, which shows 19 agent connections in their market just a phone call away.

If you were a buyer or seller would you choose the Soniers who have a diversity of agent connections, or an agent with zero connections in that market? I'd choose the Soniers.

When an agent connects with another agent on ReachFactor, it shows up on their profile as a 1st degree connection. That agent's connections are then displayed as 2nd degree connections along with the city location of those connections so that a consumer instantly gets a read on how strong the agent's local syndicate is. agents image originalIf I'm buying in Scottsdale and I see an agent with 20 agent connections in Scottsdale, I'm going to contact them. Do prospects really think this way? Absolutely. According to a recent review for Scott Myers Real Estate in San Antonio, the happy client wrote, "I tried another agent before finding Sherri LaPere and I really wish I had found Sherri first. She is amazing at working the market and making connections that led to me a fair sale on my property."

Keep in mind that your online reputation and network can really serve two purposes. One is a reference point and contact list for you to market listings and client reviews and news stories. The other sort of serves the same purpose as a storefront window: You want prospects and other agents to see how active a networker you are, with a broad list of contacts to help your clients achieve real estate success.

If you'd like to share your network connections story, please do so in the comments section below. And if you'd like help setting up network connections on your free ReachFactor profile just let us know.

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