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One Login To Rule Them All, But Is OneID the One To Do It

March 15 2012

Between all our social sites, personal and business websites, our online presence is fragmented. We use different usernames, passwords and pins for a variety of services. But, what if we didn’t have to?

As we struggle to recall a forgotten login or password, engineers over at OneID, a San Jose-based start-up launched a beta version of its next generation digital identity service.


Passwords Are So Passé

secure password

With OneIDOneID, users can ditch all those dodgy and easily forgettable usernames and passwords. Instead opting for a single digital identity to securely log in to websites (across platforms) and pay for online goods.

According to CEO Steve Kirch,

“The idea behind OneID is to move us out of the Stone Age and into a more modern age where we’re using the latest crypto technology so that we can securely log in to websites, so we can share information, authorize transactions, and so forth.”

If you’re anything like me you know exactly what he’s talking about. Latest Crypto Technology? OK, all joking aside, in just a handful of conversations with many within the industry, they loved the idea.

But, before we get too excited there are definitely some concerns worth pumping the brakes over.

Whoa Tonto! Not So Fast.

The dust hasn’t even settled from the announcement yesterday, but already people are questioning the legitimacy of OneID’s claims.

Among the main talking points,

“If Facebook/Twitter/Google can’t do it, I don’t have much confidence for someone without the massive number of users to start off with.”

Followed closely by,

“Why would I want a company to own and have their product be my identity? Not even my personal data, but literally controlling the ability to verify my identity.”

According to OneID all these criticisms are invalid as most, if not all, of the current systems use some sort of username/password functionality, which OneID is going to make obsolete.


So, amid growing concerns of online identity theft and an internet base incapable of creating good passwords, it seems like this is a necessary step.

Is this service you would use or does this kind of technology concern you?

Fortunately, we can pretty much guarantee your local Board of Realtors won’t be using it for at least another 15 years. icon smile

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