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Cloud CMA

June 28 2010


Cloud CMACloud CMA is an innovative online Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) solution, providing a buyer tour handout, and property profile report tool.  Cloud CMA automatically pulls comparative listing information from your MLS system and appends it with community information from a variety of information sources - Google, Panoramic photos,, Walk Score, Zillow, Cyberhomes, Yelp, etc.  into a comprehensive report. The key to Cloud CMA is ease of use.  Simply type in the subject property and your report is done.  Cloud CMA even has an email feature that allows an agent to send an email to the Cloud and have the report dynamically generated and emailed right back.  This action can also be performed from a smartphone, and if the client is copied on the email, the report will be sent to the clieint at the same time that the copy is sent to the agent.  This all happens in less than a minute!

The three main services Cloud CMA provides are a CMA report, a buyer tour handout, and property profile report tool.

CMA Report Highlights:

When creating a CMA, the CMA report will suggest comparable MLS properties for users or a user may select their own MLS properties. If you don’t have a property photo, the report will automatically load an aerial photo for you. The entire CMA is customizable and only has to be set up once so that each time a subscriber creates a CMA their reports will appear consistent and as designed.

All Cloud CMA reports come with a personalized cover page, the agent or broker’s resume and branded with company information.  These reports briefly explain the purpose and definition of a CMA, so clients understand the value of the information in the report.

An interesting product distinction is that Cloud CMA reports have a bar (QR) code.  This enables the subscriber to scan the bar code with their smartphone.  Once the subscriber does this, the CMA report will download to their client’s phone.  This provides a uniquely convenient tool to easily send CMA reports to clients within minutes.

Cloud CMA reports provide home sellers with a marketing plan, instructions on how to price their home, and an explanation of how commissions are divided and why a seller should use a real estate professional.  This report also aids sellers by helping them prepare their home for sale, including a checklist to get the home ready for a showing and one for moving out. Cloud CMA reports also include home valuation factors for the seller to consider when determining a home’s value. All of this preformatted information is editable.

Other report features include:

  • A short sales and foreclosures explanation;
  • A map of all the listings;
  • A summary of comparables;
  • MLS listing information about the property for sale and additional MLS property photos;

  • Comparable listings information with photos;
  • A pricing adjustments section;
  • A comparable property statistical summary;
  • An automated valuation analysis from Cyberhomes with hot links to more information such as sales and tax data, parcel and legal description;
  • A sold property analysis that includes the days on market and percent difference between the listed price and sold price.

A key benefit to Cloud CMA is its flexibility. If the subscriber would like to remove any of the pages in the CMA report, he or she can easily do so.  If an agent or broker knows their client does not want information on home valuation or also ready knows about short sales and foreclosures, he or she can simply remove these pages and shorten the overall length of the report. This allows the agent or broker using this CMA solution control over all of the information in the report.

Buyer Tour Report Highlights:

The Buyer Tour Report will gives client a lot of valuable information while they tour properties with an agent or broker.  This report targets the buyer, and provides a branded cover page, complete with the user’s resume, contact information and links to their website etc.These reports walk home buyers through the home buying process.

The Buyer Tour Report includes the following key features:

  • A map of all the listings that will be shown;
  • MLS property details reports and listing photos;
  • A buyer comments and rating page for each property;
  • Different loan scenarios on each property with Zillow Mortgage marketplace;
  • The Walk Score on each property (this rates the need for a car if living at the property) from;
  • Neighborhood information from Zillow;

  • School information from;
  • Photos around the property area provided by along with links to the photos on line;
  • An online valuation summary of each property from Cyberhomes.

This tool allows agents and brokers the opportunity to build credibility and provide valuable, market specific information to the home buyer.

Property Profile Report Highlights:

The Property Profile Report gives very detailed information about a property for a buyer, with very little effort on the part of the agent.  Each Property Profile Report includes a cover page, with the agent’s contact information and links to his/her website. As with the CMA Report, each report comes with a bar (QR) code, so the agent can scan the bar code with a smart phone and it will download the report to their client’s phone.

Included in the report is:   

  • Listing information from the MLS with additional photos and a map
  • The Walk Score of the property from
  • Neighborhood information from Zillow
  • School information from
  • Photos around the property area provided by Panoramio
  • Area restaurants information with links to them from
  • Recent nearby sales from Cyberhomes with links you can click on for property details
  • An online automated valuation from Cyberhomes
  • Loan scenarios on each property from Zillow Mortgage marketplace

Ease of Use:

Cloud CMA automates virtually the entire process, allowing agents and brokers to spend most of their time focusing on their business.  All of the reports can be downloaded as a PDF file. Hot links are placed throughout the reports so that if the client would like more information about that topic with a link, they can just click on the link. The workflow process is intuitive and helps guide you through the set up. If you’re pressed for time and want to create a quick report for a house up the street, just e-mail the physical address or MLS number to a specified Cloud CMA email address. Cloud CMA will automatically send you a report in minutes to your smart cell phone / computer. Cloud CMA can be used with a variety of browsers and operating systems.


Cloud CMA provides three key tools for agents and brokers that enable them to have flexibility of design and content. These reports target their intended audience, providing education and statistics on a variety of subjects. The reports are generated in minutes, with a mobile download feature. 

If an agent, broker or MLS provider would like to get a wealth of information for a property profile, buyer tour, or CMA in a small amount of time, Cloud CMA could be your solution.

To learn more about Cloud CMA, click here.