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Masterclass: Who Decides What Is a Neighborhood Anyway?

February 08 2024

locallogic webinar 20240214

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 10:00 AM PST

This Valentine's Day, we explore the intricate relationship between neighborhoods and real estate values. Discover the profound impact of neighborhoods on property values, legal considerations under Fair Housing laws, and the critical role of agents as neighborhood experts.

Led by industry leaders Audrey Whittington (Local Logic), Sarah Brown (Bidwell Properties), Colton Slater (Property Panorama), Tim Dain (Northstar MLS) and moderated by Marilyn Wilson (WAV Group), this session will delve into what or who defines a neighborhood, its significance in real estate valuation, and shifting buyer priorities emphasizing neighborhood quality.

Key Insights:

  • Who or what defines a neighborhood, especially the key elements of its character and their direct impact on home values.
  • Compliance with Fair Housing laws while discussing neighborhoods.
  • Importance of agent expertise in neighborhood knowledge versus online portals.
  • Recent trends showing a decrease in distance between old and new homes, with a significant emphasis on the quality of the neighborhood influencing buyer decisions.

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