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Maximize Your Signage with Short Codes and QR Codes

sold home for sale

“For Sale!” “Sold!” “Open House!”

What the sign says on the front lawn of your listing can do a lot more for you, than just let buyers know whether or not the home is up for grabs. Did you know that the sign can also link interested clients directly to you? With the advent of new technology, it can!

Since your sale signage is already grabbing attention, why not make the most of it? You can never over-communicate with your prospects! Your signage offers the perfect opportunity for you to make a first connection with people who might not already know you and your services. I’m sure you’ve already put your phone number and other contact information on your sign, but with new technology, like short codes and quick response (QR) codes; you can allow people to contact you with almost no effort. As you know, making things easier for your prospects is going to make your real estate business more successful! If you haven’t begun to use short codes or QR codes, here’s how you can start.