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Need Some Inspiration? Look at Your Phone

March 09 2012

There are two types of people: Those that “get” their smartphone and those that stare helplessly at it when it beeps and rings or doesn’t turn on for some reason. The truth is that, in spite of all the bells and whistles, these phones are extremely easy to use. Think too hard about what they’re supposed to do or how they work, and you might miss the forest for the trees.

Once you get a handle on your smartphone, it’s really a done deal. It becomes your best friend. At that point you can make it a real and serious tool for your real estate business. But rather than research and download new apps that do this and that, take a look at what’s probably already installed on your phone and you might be surprised how these apps can help you connect with customers, manage your listings and promote your reputation. These are not specifically real estate smartphone appsreal estate smartphone apps, just basic everyday apps that can be extremely useful in business.

Facebook:Facebook: The most obvious first. There are some operating systems with built-in (and unfortunately irremovable or “native”) apps. Facebook is one of these standards on certain phones, but it’s extremely handy when you want to instantly share links on your Facebook business page. Reading an interesting article on social media, real estate or your local area while passing the time at an open house? Share it on your Facebook page through your phone. (Quick note: You can also do this through the HeadlinesHeadlines tool on your ReachFactor page).

Evernote:Evernote: More than just an online notepad that saves your to-do lists, voice-recorded thoughts and camera shots across all your devices, Evernote’s subscription services allow you to share designated notepads with colleagues and clients so that you can each modify lists and records. Working on a home evaluation sheet with a buyer? Sharing photos of homes with a prospect? See if Evernote does the trick

Navigation: This one is probably even more obvious than Facebook, but the question is: Are you actually using it? Some users complain that their GPS doesn’t work all the time. Improvements are being made all the time, however, by developers and users who send feedback when an directions or addresses are even slightly off. Start using your phone’s navigation regularly, and you’ll begin to wonder how you ever got around before.

Camcorder: Back in January we shared some news from AGBeat that “In the month of December, 182 million American web users watched online video, averaging 23.2 hours per viewer, totaling 43.5 billion videos watched in the month.” If you haven’t heard the news yet, this is apparently the breakout year for real estate agents using videoreal estate agents using video. And before you start to worry about how you’d make that leap, just realize that if you’re creating a video diary or a virtual tour of a home, all you have to do is pull out your phone, aim and shoot. Then you can send the video file to your desktop, a webmaster or plug your phone into a laptop and drag it to the desktop.

Do you have any basic, no-brainer apps you use all the time for real estate? Let us know in the comments section!

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